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A new group for UK bronies, seeing as the old one lacks active administration. All are welcome, British or not.

Group page currently under construction. Your admins are BikerPon3 and Haphazred, both nationals of old Blighty. Banner coming soon.

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I'm sure some corrupt government official felt very important when he forced that shitty rule into place. Almost as important as France's cucktards feel when they, for the 75th year in a row, veto the "Let's not do The EU's Travelling Circus again this year, it's expensive and incredibly bad for the environment to have all of us meet up at one spot in france, argue for a bit, then drive halfway across the country to keep talking in a different building" proposal.

The EU sucks, and anybody with half a brain or more can see that. Unfortunately, people with less than half a brain still watch TV news and still read the papers and still think knowing too much=racist hatethink.

The EU has stupid rules. Like, for example, farmers can only produce a certain amount of milk and then need to throw away the rest. Like, how does that even make any sense whatsoever?! :rainbowhuh:

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Leaving the EU gives us the opportunity to fight for our lives and clean up the mess the EU left us with. Rassafrassin' travellin' circus killin' our atmosphere!

You, my friend, know the future for our country! :duck:

But frankly, both choices caused us to be doomed forever, no matter what we chose.

Brexit forever! *Dabs*

I do love being British. :twilightsmile:

Just thought I'd let you know that the United Kingdom and Great Britain are different things :pinkiesmile:

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I am only in for Scotland from USA

I am a Jewish American of European descent, the main part of which is British, hence my membership in this group.

396452 Saturdays are the days for New Groups spamming.

396409 There you are! :rainbowkiss:
Congratulations! In the face of overwhelming numbers of old groups, you’ve stepped forth to create a new group. One with an unique ID that has not been seen in all of history. Behold! This group has been listed in New Groups.


I dunno, I was using adblock. (Now I'm using Ghostery.)

396263 I never actually seen any of his ads. What'd they look like?


They finally managed to sell him to that one person who actually clicked on the ads.

Where the hell is Bad Dragon? Shouldn't he be here by now? :rainbowderp:

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