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Buttery waifu is best waifu.


> tfw your self-insert fic gets even more self insert-y · 10:22pm January 3rd

So, yeah, I ain't gonna lie—2014 me was all about writing myself into ponyland and giving myself a sweet AF superbike for good measure. Gotta get those waifus, right? What better tool than the throaty irregular firing growl of an IL4 pretending to be a V4?

Well, fast forward to 2019 and BIG BANG!

My new bike that I bought today ^^^

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My Horse Words

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ausgezeichnet, der Fuhrer wird sich hier auf jeden Fall freuen. seig hiel!

You can.

I don't know when, but you can. :rainbowlaugh:

Can we expect another chapter for slipstream?

Next chapter is at 2.7k. As for a time frame, it all depends on the cooperation of my muse. :twistnerd:

When should we expect the next chapter of J’adore? Roughly, of course. I’m well aware that writing is far from an exact science.
Keep up the good work with everything!

I think they're on the second page in if you go by #sex #mature #human.

My old stories, however, are nowhere to be found. :rainbowlaugh:

Speaking of learning a lot, did you know that J'adore and The Prettiest Pillar are among the top fics on the site if you search by #mature#sex and filter by Rating? I was browsing the authors of those categories and technically your rating percentage is on par with Lyra's Confession! :pinkiegasp:
Soooo, yeah. I think you've improved since you began. :raritywink:

Yeah? Well while I think they're fine the way they are if you're not happy with them then rewrite them.
Though in my experience I've learned to be careful with rewrites. After all that's what killed my first story Redemption of a Monster.
But I'm sure you can avoid the same issues I have, I have faith in you!


Are you having writers block or something?

Basically, yeah. I've learned a lot since I started those. They're kind of a train wreck that I'm not sure how to fix. :fluttershysad:

I'll try and continue them, but I can't promise anything.

But I would like to ask something.
What about your Biker stories? The Lone Rider and... the other that I can't think of the title for. Are you having writers block or something?

  • Viewing 248 - 257 of 257
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