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little big pony

Remember kids, eat your veggies, go to school, and murder all your enemies.... I murder all my enemies....

My Waifu

Future Stories and Story processes

What is Love? Cadence clopfic. in process

A boy and his Manticore in process

Celestia's OTP needs to get done before brothers birthday

Here be dragons Dragonclop fic? dragon clopfic :pinkiecrazy:

A Chaotic life for us 2nd Eris part, multi ch. Get started before Christmas

The Cuddlier Rises multi ch. of cuddly goodness. Do whenever


Shill central · 12:32am Jan 12th, 2019

Hey, another thing you guys need to look at. https://www.fimfiction.net/story/428029/tacet

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Why do I write HIE's?

Well, I was always taught to write what you know. I've never been a horse nor have a had a decent enough conversation with one to get inside its head, so I can't write just plain old pony fics....

But I do moonlight as a human every once in a while, so its HIE's until I can get the proper horse transformation paperwork.

Things That I wrote

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To thy self be true, and who cares what the world thinks?

Hello dear sir. Your works always bring a smile onto my face. I love how you handle the setting and characters. :twilightsmile:

I wish for you to have a good life, and may it bring forth the inspiration to your future works be it here or in other worlds. :moustache:

Thank you for all the smiles you have brought to my face with your writing.

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