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Remember kids, eat your veggies, go to school, and murder all your enemies.... I murder all my enemies....


Twilight is the coolest mare in the world. She's the coolest mare in any world really. Like cooler than a new book.

Today, she brings that coolness to a whole new world.

Artist is TJ pones

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Oh geez... I have a feeling that Twilight's going to give those three an earful after this xP

Be respectful, Twilight. You are talking to the real coolest mare.

I refuse to apologise.

And you never should.


yep, those were words I just read (stares into the void).

I did not expect the ending

This is beautiful!

Well Twilight, if it helps, I've read worse.

“Twilight came into my work and said that I was her stallion now,” Jon said. “She brought me home and we made love for ten hours straight.”

“I blew his back out,” Twilight said.

“She blew my back out,” Jon agreed, nodding his head.

"She totally blew his back out," Shining Armor reiterated after popping his head around the door frame. "I'm so proud of my LSBFF. She's shaping up to be even better marefriend material than my own wife, Cadence."

Twilight pulled off her sunglasses, revealing a smaller, cooler pair underneath them.

This line alone would make me forgive the rest of her writing.

You are a god of words! :rainbowlaugh:

I dunno, seems to me that this exact scenario is what every sane human male dreams of as well.

I've read worse.

And, just for reference:

Humansville is a city in Polk County, Missouri, United States.

So twilight no can fanfic good? Lol

The lesson here, is to never write diary on a diary when someone else cleans your room and can find it!:rainbowlaugh:

All I can think of when I read that title is how Rainbow Dash must be having a panic attack for not having been picked for that :raritywink:

Or when you're lactose intolerant.:raritywink:

Lol, nice catch. Thanks!:twilightblush:

Magnificent. Truly the next great work of literature. I am honored that you deigned to share it with undeserving mortals such as we.

That's why you always hide your porn under labels like "tax forms" or something.

And then Mayor Mare stops by and picks up the wrong folder.

Dont feel bad Twilight, I think you're cool. Not as cool as reading or books but still pretty cool. :moustache:

Eh, I’ve seen worse.

you think someone like the mayor wouldent use the same trick?


Hey little big pony, can you ever make a third season of This is love but with Luna into the mix ? Not demanding just curious.


Moving on.

I never understood why, but I feel a disturbing sense whenever I see that cover art.

I gotta be honest I kinda want another chapter lol


You better travel to Tartarus and never come back twilight, you're a dead mare now.

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