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Song and magic are two parts of the same whole in Equestria. When Rose saw Anon, it was love at first sight, and as if to shake any doubt, she heard their song, the one they're meant to sing together. It was the happiest moment of her life.

Until she realized he couldn't hear it.

An RGRE story

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I want to see where this is going. Is there going to be a sequel?

I more or less set out to write Tacet as it is now and nothing more. I'm open to feedback and write more if people want something, but I don't think there's any more to say here. I've thought about an epilogue a few times though.

I swear that I've ready this exact story (with the exact characters and events) in the past. Is this a repost?

Either way, I have the chance to finally give this story a like.

It's not a repost, but you probably read the greentext pastebin version.

Well whether or not you write a sequel to this it is a really good story. I'll hope for the possibility of an epilogue at least because I want to see how Lyra and Bonbon respond to the fact that he seems to have stumbled upon the tune that has been in Rose's head for a while.

you're everywhere
edit: This is you're story. my apologies

This is actually a really interesting and unique piece of literature that really does well to portray love struggles and the difficulty of cultural and Biological differences. I rate 8/10.

Well dang dude, that's a really nice comment. Thanks.

No worries man, struck a bit of a cord (excuse my pun) with me from my own personal experiences, in regards to the love issues, not the biological differences mind you. She was a Mormon, I was an Atheist, we were both teens. Bit of a difficult situation.

Ah I see. Unrequired love is a topic I love to death and find cute and heartbreaking in equal measure. And yeah, it's something everyone can relate to at some point. It'd be wrong to say I didn't pull from several of my own dating experiences for this one. I've been on both sides of the fence.

Fair enough, and your experiences lent very well into the development of this story, as sad as that sounds. Hope you either have someone now or hopefully successfully court someone in the future.

I don't recall ever seeing something like this being covered.

which is fascinating.

why would folks in the crowd snipe at roseluck for singing?

Seems like a good story.

Why thank you for the compliment.

I really hope there is an epilogue for this story. It is really good. Kind of inspired me to write my own version of this. I love the concept you have here with song and magic.

This goddamn fuckin' story only left me wanting more, Fuck You.

I realize this is a compliment but the angry tone made me laugh. Unfortunately I haven't wrote any more of this precious horse but there's more cute things on the way.

Yeah I'll do an epilogue eventually. I'm writing several things that are more time sensitive so this is low priority. Also awesome! Good luck on your story.

Bascially from what I gather is that in this story when someone meets their soulmate they'll hear a duet play, and they'll both sing the song.

But since Anons human, he isnt effected by this and as such cant hear the song at all and as such they accuse her of lying

I read this on pastebin and i have to say that i always loved it. Its so bittersweet but has a hopeful ending. I kinda wanted to see more but at the same time worried it might ruin the magic that this one has captured. Regardless of if you ever decide to add more to this i have to say i love it and your stories are great. Looking forward to more of what you write.

honestly, thanks for the feels.

That was decidedly sweet.
Thank you for sharing.

"I'm not a magical creature, so I don't have any song given to me, but i'll sing you a melody, and if your magic song picks up on it I'm willing to see where we might go. Savvy?"

The horror, the horror!

Oh! I thought he was deaf and the news didn't really spread that he was deaf. Loved the story!

I too, want to see where this is going.

The reason in this case is a heartsong should catch other ponies with it, and a love based heartsong should be a clear duet. In this particular case it should be her and Anon.

Since he isn't responding it doesn't seem like a true heartsong. Instead it seems like she is singing to a non-existant heartsong, a delusion of her own desire, possibly even a sickness as she hears words and notes that aren't there.

As the idea that a heartsong can't be heard by one of its participants...well that makes no sense.

A sweet story and a more tasteful take on RGRE!

What you see is what you get this time. It's marked as complete.

Huh... that's an interesting take. Would make for an interesting story.


I kinda wanted to see more but at the same time worried it might ruin the magic that this one has captured.

That's generally my feeling on it. There's not that much more I had to say with this story, and adding more would probably just water it down. There's still a lot of pieces I want to play with again. Rose is an adorable, sweet pony that I want to write again, and romance drama is consistently entertaining to me, so those things may show up more in future stories.

You emotional bastard

i read this twice. and im now more certain than ever that i wanna do a dual reading with someone for this. the beauty and pain could be expressed so well for those that feel it. and i know i felt it. i was kinda mad that he shot her down then turned right around to help her find the song again. but im not, not any more. i just feel... content. thank you for this work of art

i had to fathom the deep emotions i normally try to avoid. i tend to opt out of feeling things due to past experience. it wasnt true anger either. kinda... confused 'irritation' but also not irritation. does that make sense?

regardless, i love this to death and back

The fuck you say about me you fucking beast of a writer? I'll 360 like you bitch!

Dangit, I wasn't expecting to go all teary eyed today! :raritydespair:

I have been enchanted by this story ever since I first read it in green. It remains one of my all time favorites to this day. I often recommend it when asked about love/heart song related stories. Thank you so very much for bringing it here.

Aka that Tacet fan on /mlp/

Ah I see. Just probing to learn. I get a wide variety of feedback on that ending. Some say it's not justified, some say it's wonderful and they're happy with it.

As for the dual reading, that sounds incredible and I hope you do it. Not only is it incredibly flattering to get fan support but a reading is something I've never gotten and hoped to earn one day. It's up to you though. I'm just grateful people like my stuff and leave comments.

I have to say, when I saw this on the feature box the night before I knew I HAD to read it, coming from someone that have +200 stories on their Read Later folder always saying "I'll read them... eventually" (I should do something about that tho, maybe later :rainbowlaugh:). The premise is something that I haven't seen before, at least on my time reading on this page.

What a good and heartwarming little story you've written. Liked and loved it! Definitively worth checking out.

Well hey, glad it didn't rot away in the read laters, and awesome that you enjoyed it.

Thanks for shilling it as much as you have then. This was liked when I wrote it but the pastebin hits were pretty low for a long time. I have you to thank for spreading the story around.


a sequel is needed for this because I was left on a massive cliff hanger at the end and I need to know what happens next

Holy heck... i've never read something so heart wrenching with nearly no build up.

You had some lyrics in the first part, and I was expecting a full original song in the final chapter. Oh well, it was still amazing regardless.

There aren't a whole lot of stories that can claim a spot on my Gold Factor shelf... but this is one of those and I'll be sharing it among all my treasured friends.
While the ending leaves one hollow and aching for more, it ends on a beautiful note, much like the duet at its core.


The premise sounded so interesting and now that I have read it... Damn, I fucking love this story.

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