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I come from the land of the green and unknown, from tenth page drop, where the horse words flow.

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RGRE Primer · 9:53pm January 8th

I've seen a decent amount of confusion and uncertainty about what the Reversed Gender Roles Equestria setting is, so I figured I would describe the default setting that I use for these sorts of stories.

Gender Ratio

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1) Write mlp fanfiction for 5 years on another site
2) Write for a popular sub-genre for 3 of those years
3) Have that genre become trending on fimfic
4) Cherry pick some of your better stories and post them here.
5) ?
6) Profit!

Bro, the fact you started publishing stories not even 2 weeks ago and already have 170+ followers is fucking incredible.
I've been at this shit for 2 years now and only have 240...
Please, teach me your ways.

Congrats my friend, hope you continue to write your lovely fiction on both sites, and let any illegitimate and ill thought out venom slide off your back!

Also, write my waifu, Trixie, into more of your fics!

> That kind of free time
To be fair, they were all written over the course of years, posted on 4chan as greentexts. I just happened to adapt them to prose format and publish them one after the other here.

Four fics in the box. Impressive.

I'd kill a hobo for that kind of free time.

Congratz. :twistnerd:

  • Viewing 15 - 19 of 19
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