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Creator breakdown, apologies owed, reflections and plans for the near future. · 11:16pm Oct 24th, 2019

Well ... this is awkward, my dear readers and fellow writers.

As the title says, it is about time that I openly state what has gone wrong with me in the last year.

I am not sure what the hell went wrong with me, but my productivity has gone down the drain by many a factor.

The first one: my hands now hurt with prolonged typing, or when exposed to the cold. Hell, even working in the garden, or using them for long causes the same crap to me.

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By the by, have you seen my rewritten story, I Dream? I'd be mighty pleased if you gave it a look!

Well I'm glad you enjoyed it!

It was really entertaining! How could I not!? :pinkiehappy::rainbowlaugh:

Thanks for adding Flat-Earth Fluttershy to your favorites!

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