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Creator breakdown, apologies owed, reflections and plans for the near future. · 11:16pm Oct 24th, 2019

Well ... this is awkward, my dear readers and fellow writers.

As the title says, it is about time that I openly state what has gone wrong with me in the last year.

I am not sure what the hell went wrong with me, but my productivity has gone down the drain by many a factor.

The first one: my hands now hurt with prolonged typing, or when exposed to the cold. Hell, even working in the garden, or using them for long causes the same crap to me.

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New Chapter released. · 7:20pm Jun 2nd, 2018

Well, here goes the next chapter of TEV.

I hope you enjoy it!

Have a nice day!:twilightsmile:

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Progress, and timings · 8:19pm May 24th, 2018

Well, in between work, real life, and time spent outside, I've yet been able to chip in a few words every now and then to the next chapter.

I'm currently at ten thousand words aprox at the latest wordcount.

Will publish once I've covered what I wanted to cover in the chapter - so I'll drink up to that!

Have a nice day! :twilightsmile:

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It is good to be back on track. · 12:17am May 1st, 2018

I am now at two thousand words into the next chapter. It is titled: 'Dark Tidings'.

It certainly feels good to actually be able to type after so much time blocked by being thoroughly distracted by Real Life(TM).

Oh, how wonders will never cease! :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

Well, I'll do my best to post it in a couple of weeks - if not earlier to catch back your attention, dear readers.

Have a nice day!

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Oh yay me... U_U · 2:24am Apr 26th, 2018

Well, took a power nap and woke up an hour later than I wanted to.

So the published chapter is an hour late for publishing.

I'm sorry! :raritycry:

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Well, I'll be... · 4:53am Apr 25th, 2018

I'm about done with the chapter, will have to polish some bits and some dialogue lines but other than that it is completed.

And I'm still shocked at the size of the chapter - even with all the bits I chose to cut off (in retrospective a wise move) - it is clocking at sixteen thousand words, and all of it is meaningful in one way or another.

I hope from here on out I'll be less constrained by circumstance and lack of brainpower to continue with the story.

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Finally some progress! · 7:19pm Apr 19th, 2018

Hello, dear readers.

I apologize for the lack of updates, but here I have some good news.

After rearranging the 'background story' bit in order to reduce your boredom, am finally getting through the writer's block stuffing my progress.

All that it took was to change the planning of the story somewhat to reduce its length, while placing the other bits of backstory spread among other chapters (the peaceful ones) that'll be happening at the same time as the action occurs.

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Updated two chapters with their edited versions · 10:26pm Apr 3rd, 2018

Hello, dear readers.

I finally got around to updating two chapters with its edited counterpart.

Still fighting to write the following chapter - who knew that writing a flashback that won't bore anyone down would be so tiring!?

Well, until next time!

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Dry-wall plastering shenanigans · 7:53pm Jan 13th, 2018

Well, the wall plus a room are plastered, and the wall holding my router is now prepped and ready - that's why I'm connected now.

Will have more to do in the following days - sanding after plastering, refining, plastering some more... then primer/sealant plus paint to finish the rooms up.


Welp, will take this break cheerfully though.

Have a nice day!

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Roof Replacement Shenanigans Mk. 2 · 11:02pm Jan 4th, 2018

Hello, dear viewers.

The job is done - the roof is spankin' new, new dry-wall fixtures on the walls that required it, electric installation, water installation and etc.

However, the new contractor left half of the dry wall plastering too thin - and to who will it fall to fix that? Yeah, me.

The less said about the painting procedures, the better - but that at least won't be as hard as plastering what's missing.

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