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Second chapter of The Equestrian Vagrant in its edited form is available now · 11:29pm Dec 2nd, 2017

Hello, everyone.

Just letting you know that the second chapter of The Equestrian Vagrant has been edited and is available for you to read - and see how much it changed from its original state.

While I get out of the real life issues I'm involved with, I hope that this effort is up to your liking.

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Roof Replacement Shenanigans · 11:50pm Nov 29th, 2017

For those few that care, I write this to inform you one of the reasons why I've been distracted lately and been unable to write more than a few lines before getting stuck.

I'm currently in the process of replacing an old roof of where I live, which was a menace to us living under it.

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Finally done with the chapter · 10:36pm Oct 20th, 2017

The chapter's done, I'll publish at six'o'clock, Central Time.

In all likelyhood, it will see a rewrite as I'm not that pleased with it, but I'll let you decide.

Also, spoiler alert for Vagrant Story begins at chapter five.

Using canon material plus the Ultimania Guide that was released (which shows a lot of detail to enhance what the game story shows), I managed to give our dear Main Character a past.

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Progress on the new chapter · 8:24am Oct 18th, 2017

I am currently hitting eleven thousand words plus change, and I'm yet to cover the other half of what I wanted to approach in this chapter.

I apologize for the lack of communication lately, as I went through both writer's block and burnout.

However, thanks to the advice of fellow writers DarkSpider and DisplacedWriter, I managed to regain the spark to continue writing after resting my mind and not thinking about the story for a few days.

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Goddammit!! · 8:07am Oct 1st, 2017

Why!? Why is it this hard!?

Am still at around three thousand words, brain is refusing to work with me at this point - focusing on scenes that won't happen 'till much later within the narrative.

All in all, couldn't keep mah word - sorry, folk - the promised second release for yesterday is gonna wait for a bit more.

This goose is cooked. Maybe next time! (>__<);

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Newest chapter released, second chapter in progress · 7:41pm Sep 30th, 2017

Hello, esteemed readers.

I leave this post to notify that the next chapter of the story is released for your enjoyment.

Also, I'm currently working on the one scheduled for today's release - these two chapters are the ones that have given me much trouble due to their natures.

I hope to hear from you, and I know they will be rewritten while preserving their essence if needed be.

Have a nice day.

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Changed tag Slice of Life to Alternate Universe · 8:21am Sep 27th, 2017

I am taking into account what is announced to happen in season seven finale (don't search it to avoid spoilers), which actually renders my current work useless.

In order to avoid rewriting a truly substancial part of what is done, I'm changing the tag of the story to Alternate Universe, just so I can have the freedom to write the story without worrying further about the current season and future episodes.

May you have a nice day.

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Okay, new chapter uploaded - but will wait for the next one to be ready to release them together. · 2:56am Sep 25th, 2017

Sorry if the system showed an update, yet there is nothing visual on the site.

The reason is, I uploaded chapter four - but I'll wait for chapter five to be ready so they are published together.

When ready, I'll update and have both chapters available.

May you have a nice day.

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Oh thank god, finally finished chapter four. · 11:00pm Sep 24th, 2017

Clocking 12878 words total, chapter four has been so far the hardest to write and complete.

The reason? Too much exposition originally, had to tweak, and tweak... and tweak further.

Will post at the groups I'm in for a preview of the chapter, to assist in cleaning it up further.

Or, you loyal readers who liked my work so far, can PM me for a private link so you can leave your commentary on the gdoc with the chapter.

All feedback is deeply appreciated.

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New introduction to The Equestrian Vagrant, and other news · 7:57pm Sep 24th, 2017

Hello, dear readers.

I wish to thank wlam for his assistance in improving the introduction of The Equestrian Vagrant, as his feedback was invaluable to provide a better description to the story for future readers' benefit.

I also wish to let know that I'm almost finished with the troublesome chapter that has kept me awake and suffering from writer's block for more than a week.

Will do a double-publish, though, to return to my normal schedule release.

May you have a nice day.

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