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Hi im just a simple German guy who lives in the Philippines. I like to draw in my spare time or do stuff with my computer. P.S I always appreciated all the nice comments and Fav you guys give me:D


Another Story Concept, this time about the Mayas or any other middle or south american culture · 2:26pm Last Thursday

Well as the title complies, its another story idea but this time about the Mayans.

Similar to the story "A Zebrica for a Human" this concept will revolve about a human landing, or maybe even being summoned by a Maya like Civilization somewhere on Equis. Populated by ponies of course.

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Ky thx...now I have to make a Inkbunny account.

Yes, there is Deviant art where I post all those sketches that I link here to Fimfiction, and then there is Inkbunny and Derpiboo.ru where all the clop is. There are also ALLOT of sketches, characters and art that are not posted anywhere besides on Patreon when I remember to do so, but they are obviously locked behind a support wall :P

Quick question:twilightblush:...I've seen the art you do and I was wondering if this is the only site you post it. If there is another one. Pleas tell me.:twilightsmile:

Someone surely does

Down here nobody will see it, because nobody scrolls down at a user's page comment.

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