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Story ideas and Plot for "Rise of the Crystal Emperor" · 2:43am Jun 19th, 2018

I am a bit in a dilemma here. I am in a bit of the rot when it comes to the plot and story for the next chapter. So I was hoping if any of you readers might have an idea on what the next chapter could focus on and perhaps more. To help and give me Idea's in how to structure this story further.

So if you have read the latest chapter of "Rise of the crustal emperor" then maybe you could tell me what might happen next in the story.

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We appreciate your work, picture or not, but if you feel that is best, carry on. You do great work.

its not writers block. I actually have a couple of chapters ready for months, but I still can't pull myself from my self placed rule to add a sketch on every chapter. And I am just to lazy to make them. So this is forcing me into an impasse.

Are you planning on continuing the misadventures of nava? I really want to see it continued, and I am wondering why it hasn't gotten an update for quite a while. Is it writer's block? You don't have to answer, I am just mourning one of my favorite stories... :(

Hmmm...I forgot.

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