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A group for stories which take place in the Crystal Empire.

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Give more love for the Crystal Ponies:scootangel:!!!

I'm. ..swaying a little back and forth. For now I'm not good as I'm dealing with some new allergy... and school. Bot oh well.

i haven't posted anything in long, partly because faktered intrest in fandom, but I got stuff planned and worked on. Maybe we should continue in PM?

403933 I'm doin fine, thanks for asking, who bout You?
I still do publish a few stories as well. some of which are completed, some of which sport fairly long chapters as well.
If only with a bit more popularity.

403931 oh my gosh Hi, how are you? :pinkiehappy:

394850 Sounds like fun, then I just need to pick a story and PM the link to the story?
385411 Hiya, long time no see?

:heart: I think it is high time I post a story or two around here.

proofreading and
editing service

PM me with any requests


Thanks, a friend did it for me. It's my OC Daffodil Spark.

385407 I luv your picture ;-;
New senpai ;-;

385405 Ermergerd dat pic doh.

Hey, me too!!!

I saw someone added my story to the group, I decided I'd join. :pinkiehappy:

337107 It's basically this:

Partial Involvement: The story has the Crystal Empire as part of the story, but only a few scenes take place in it. Eg. A story is about the princesses' past, and only one or two chapters take place in the Crystal Empire.

Full Involvement: The whole story takes place in the Crystal Empire. Eg. The story is about life in the Crystal Empire.

Hope that helps.:twilightsmile:

Hi, I'm new to the group (a bit new to groups in general) and I was going to post a story in this group when I noticed the two folders- Partial and Full involvement I think they were called. Could someone please explain to me what these folders mean so I don't post the wrong content? I looked around, but I wasn't able to find anything about them. Thanks!

Hello, I hope that I will help bring something new to this group some time I hope that I can read some good stories and that I can learn a lot for my fellow group members.

Good luck and have a nice day

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