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353878 looks as if there is room for several more stories here. groups are measured by both stories and members.
best if everyone adds thier part, or ask somepony to do it, if your PC refuses.
I'd like to see all the good stories here, so long as they follow the group premices.
Besides, good stories deserve exposure to any who may enjoy reading them too.

I recovered a story I enjoyed from here earlier. Now I know where it is, I don't need to loose it again.

Who doesn't love changelings?

353875 Sounds great! I've been trying to add some new stories to the group's folders but my computer is running very badly lately, so more stories added by other people will certainly help expand the group a lot. :pinkiehappy:

There goes, 3 stories, correction, 4 stories including Changelings.
I hope they will entertin some poor changeling or Crystal Pony.
the Empire is actually mentioned in 1 of the stories, but it didn't have enough role to feel right to place it in 'Both' category.

353870 then I'll slip a few changelings into the midst of our group, as it were.

352513 You don't need the changelings to be in the crystal empire for your story to be included in this group, but if they are that's fine. There is a folder for just changeling stories so that means any changeling any where, and there is a folder that includes stories that have crystal ponies or takes place in the crystal empire anytime or anywhere. The folder for both I just added because I knew there are some stories with changelings and the Crystal Empire/Crystal Ponies and the folder might make it easier to find these stories. I hope this answered your question. :scootangel:

There be Changelings, so I'm in.

Now it seems I need a story with a changeling who lives in/visits the Empire.
or was it ok to just include Eighter the Changeling, or the Empire?
If so, I do have a few that should be right in.

Oh wait, maybe I should have a story where my changeling visit the Empire, since she likes to see the games, considering who's the Princess of the Empire.

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