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This is a group for the bronies that think changelings are just like ponies but think they are weaker then normal ponies, help the changelings now increase their confandence by joining this group that is just for the changeling supporters.

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Y'know, it's been so long, I can't even remember how I got admin status.

Who are you calling weak i can take the elements on alone and do well!

*The Recruit wrote this not me :ajbemused: *

ok, I guess I need be here, since it is a place for Changelings.
I've been enjoying writing about Changelings for a while.
Hope the stories will be enjoyed.

Anything I need to consider when posting stories here?

Hey there!
I'm new in writing and stuff, but I try my best.
I'm currently working on my fiction Lady Viryl. English isn't my native language, so if you see some errors, please tell me. c:

I know this took place a couple months ago, but I find it hilarious that the comment that no doubt linked to Lilith911's Special House got deleted, yet neither of you were banned from the group for the rest of this.

326974 This doesn't matter but I'll look at it, the admin isn't a clopper. But... I am and so is GentlemanAuthor. So we'll check it out.

Check out the story I'm currently working on, Fun With A Changeling. c:

Ermagerd, a group for changelings! Yay! :yay:

*reads conversation below me* ... I have no words :pinkiecrazy:

Hmm, anything that would make you give me your goodness faster? :pinkiecrazy:

"Quarter and two."

*I lift of and put you at my back entrance* maybe this will help *I lower myself again and begin to ride you again* :pinkiecrazy:

"Quarter point five"

*Bounces harder* :pinkiecrazy:

Tell me when you're near :pinkiecrazy:

Then I'll keep going :pinkiecrazy: *bounces on*

"That might take a bit"

  • Viewing 96 - 115 of 115
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