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its a group with all the links to one of your fav ponies that are changelings

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I have joined to share two of my stories.

326553 click 'Stories, add, choose and add again.
choose the story and click the link from the story and choose the group and folder(s)

Flames- I was in ponyville, disguised as Applejack, when i encountered the real Applejack.
This is what happened-

How to upload a story?

Is this only for changelingified? Because i have a fic "A Changeling's Soul Reflection" and i was wondering if i could upload.

Can anyone who joins this group add their story or do they/I need permission? :twilightsmile:

P.S Changeling-Drone's avatar is really Badass! O_O

18 members, thats pretty good! well at least its better then three:twilightblush:

whats up with the changeling explosion?? any ideas?

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you should check out askflufflepuff on tumblr

in fact my tumbler is changeling-drone

oh and i know a good site really funny/adorable

i do love changelings they are good creatures who just happen to eat love but so what? i think no creature is "born" evil evil comes from actions not what animal you are

naw i dont need the pic. and your welcome (sorry i havnt added all the stories yet im getting to it) its nice to see somepony else who :heart:s changelings (changelings are best pony(ies)

thanks im new at this and if you want i could give you the picture

??? i dont get it. your changling group has a cool picture-thingy. mine doesnt. you have two members. i have twenty-somthing. we both have changling groups. why in equestria is mine more popular?!?!? well ill help you out. as previosly stated i have a changling group as well and (just became a member of your group) so therefore i have lots of changling stories that i can put in your group which should help its popularity a little. :raritywink: congradulations, you have been helped!

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