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This is a place for Changeling stories to be put, and the ways changelings are portrayed and designed to be discussed.

If you want to add a changeling story, go ahead! The main folder is the 'not this kind of changeling' folder, the 'this kind of changeling' folder is leftover from when I made this group, and was intended for changelings built like mine, but is more or less obsolete.

All work as one towards a better future for changelings! Or, perhaps, a darker one, depending on where your writing takes you...


Please only sort your stories into a single main category folder! These three main folders are MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE. Anyone found putting their story into more than one of the three primary folders will have their story completely removed from the group. Doing so again will have the person who submitted the story to get blocked from the group.

You are, however, allowed to submit them to multiple sub-folders in the Main category.

The Hive subfolder is for stories in which Changelings are eusocial animals, forming hives without individuality. This includes ones in which changelings are telepathically linked to the Queen, linked by pheromones, or otherwise incapable of independant thought. The Queen is all, the Hive is One.

The Swarm folder is for Changelings who form groups and societies that may be termed 'hives', but are formed of individuals. This would be cases where the individual changelings are still their own people, but they naturally group together in larger groups than mere families, such as hives or colonies.

The Solitary folder is for Changelings that are, by nature, solitary creatures. These changelings usually don't form societies for whatever reason, preferring to hunt alone, and only form large groups when under duress or facing starvation.

The Parasite-T (T for Transmute) folder is for Changelings that grow their ranks not by breeding new members, but rather transforming a member of another species into a changeling. Be it by magic, those pods we saw, or vampire-like emotion draining, these changelings turn ponies and other sapient beings into more changelings.

The Parasite-C (C for 'Cuckoo') folder is for Changelings that grow their ranks by implanting their offspring into hosts, or into the nests of host species, like a cuckoo bird, and allowing the host species to raise the young until they are ready to act as full Changelings.

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I haven't seen all of S5 yet, but yeah this group was meant for discussing the technical aspects of Changelings, rather than merely how they are treated or how they interact socially with ponies.


physiology and psychology

So it is the body of the Changeling, and her mental state?

Yes, I guess you could say that you are late, while I was surprised by the response, I am at least still here.

With this many Groups focusing on the Changeling, and the later episodes involvement, there may be room for further elaboration.
What's the point of 100 identical groups, as much as we may love the subject of our dear Changelings?

Did you see any of the episodes focused on the Changelings in episode 5?

While we are here, do you have any Ideas on how they live and work? This feels as it is linked to the subject.

Well, this group is really more for the type of Changeling involved and the physiology and psychology involved with them.

Also, sorry for the super late response. I'm only 109weeks 6days late, though!

is there a folder for happy changelings or happy stories?

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