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Story Idea Time · 9:34pm Mar 7th, 2017

This is a story idea I've had rattling around my head for a while. If anyone's interested, feel free to make use of it, just make sure to drop me a post when you do, I'd love to see your take on the idea.

Story: Hero In Equestria
Genre: Human, Slice of Life
Rating: Any, depending on writer's preference.

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Heheh, don't worry, phone goes away when customers are around. I know how to play the Relaxing At Work game.
I'm looking forward to reading more of your stories ^^

That's kind of you to say. Please continue to enjoy them responsibly, though I also write at work when I can, so I'm not much better.

Yes... I am writing a thing. Don't worry about it. It's important, I swear.

No problem! I found them through Sunset's Isekai, and I fell in love with the little lore bits right away. I am already through Forbidden Melodies (slowed down thanks to being at work) and am going through Gloria Celestia now. You write really high quality stuff, by the way!

Thanks for adding Forbidden Melodies and Electro Swing to your favorites! I hope you enjoy the latter as it develops.

The Deadshelf is for stories I like, but have either stopped updating or have lost my interest without losing quality. I feel your story is good, but it's not a story that holds my interest any longer.

  • Viewing 224 - 228 of 228
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