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In this anthology of stories, I will explore the various assumptions of so many HiE and PoE fics, including, but certainly not limited to, Language, Size, Ecological Compatibility, Gender Ratios, What Happens If You Become A Pony, and Ease Of Citizenship Access.

I plan to make fun of many things, and will be keeping the stories fairly short, less than around 8k words each.
I will mention any characters specific to a story, because you can only have up to 5 tags active, and some characters will only show up in one story. But the Mane 6 will show up often enough for em to tag them outright.

1. 'Little' ? My foot 'Little'...
Features Noi, but there's no tag for the adorable little thing. Prompt by The-Pieman
2. Micro-Pony Party Extravaganza
If you can't guess the star of the show here, you need to watch the show some more.

Chapters (3)
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What a coincidence, I would prefer to live with Twilight also.


Are you ready for the second fic? It's in the works, and [sarcasm]I bet you can't guess who it features![/sarcasm]
Anyways, if you have any prompts about assumptions to make and break, go ahead and send them in.

Oh, I have a lunar story in the works... just not for now. I think it'll be one of the longer ones.

so the portal shrank him? also good math with the candycane

What if Celestia was reversed back to Twilight's age?
What if Spike grew up faster?
What if ponies killed all the outsiders in a sort of small town preserving our values sort of way?(Children of the Corn or lynch mobs in the 1900's)
What if Cutie Marks are instantly burned onto a pony's skin by Celestia using the power of the sun, and one day she sneezes while giving one of the CMC one?
What if all the ponies were extremely religious in a comedic, crazy way?
Changelings communicate by dancing and Chrysalis is forced to perform a dance at a Gala while disguised as Cadence, that means something extremely lewd in changeling language?
Twilight Sparkle is actually criminally insane and is imagining the entirety of Equestria while actually being held in an asylum.
Image relevant. Imagine AJ saying something like:
Z:Hello Applejack, I need directions to town,
Z:Of butter I need a pound.
AJ: Yep, I know the way.
AJ: *Cocks shotgun*
AJ: It's back the way you came, zigger.

these are "What If"s, not assumptions made by the fandom that aren't even necessarily close to true.
For example... there are no references to actual humans, so we have no idea how different the universe they're from is, in any proportion.

Just because they call it air, doesn't mean it isn't actually sulpher hexaflouride.

So more like, what if their cake was made from ffermented bear droppings that happens to look like sugar, and they call it sugar. But it's actually fermented bear droppings.

more like, just because the highest concentration of males we've ever seen in an episode was between the part for the "At the Gala" song and the Crusader's Hearts and Hooves day song ("Perfect Stallion") measuring in at approximately 20 males in the hearts and hooves day episode and close to forty in the Gala song, that might simply be local tot he areas we've seen. There's nothing to say that, for example, males aren't carted off in droves to become guards as a requirement (making Big Mac, Time Turner, Mr Cake, and Caramel veterans of the service) or often taken away because they're less mentally stable.

Or that we assume that ponies are warm and welcoming... which was shown to be patently false in an episode about a certain zebra.

Or the most common assumption, that they are strictly herbivores only, which holds no actual connections to real animals in the slightest. There is no animal alive on earth that exclusively eats plant matter or animal matter. Cats eat grass, and dogs do too. Goats and horses both attack and eat small animals int he wild to get nutrients they need, somethign that is mitigated in domestic horses by the supplements added to horse feed. Goats just eat everything (no joke, they chew cans for the glue and wrappers on them, and to put holes to get at the materials inside those cans through.

I'm also going to take a crack at the common assumption of ponies being monogamous. Especially if there's a severe ratio of mares to stallions making there be a ton of females for every male.

Also, I will take a lone shot at the Brony goes to Equestria and becomes a pony theme. That one's going to be... entertaining :pinkiecrazy:


Changelings communicate by dancing and Chrysalis is forced to perform a dance at a Gala while disguised as Cadence, that means something extremely lewd in changeling language?

Although, I like this idea, and I think I have a way to add to it.

He went to a version of Equestria where the ponies where all 40 feet tall compared to humans, and the world is proportional to them.
The next one is coming up, and there's going to be some... 'small'... complications with another brony's dream of reaching Equestria.

I'll be honest, I don't see what the problem is. If you could be a little more coherent with your speech, I'd be appreciative of any and all constructive criticism you have, and be willing to provide answers to any questions you have, as well.

'Ease of citizenship access'.
...Go on.

everyone assumes that getting citizenship is as easy as meeting the Princesses...
But in any nation on earth, including (or, perhaps, especially the monarchies) it is difficult to become a citizen. Soemtimes, nearly impossible.

As such, I shall make fun of that.

All the ponies are secretly made of various colors of marshmallow. Hapless brony comes to Equestria and accidentally founds out. Hilarity ensues.

I think it'd be more of a "brony goes to Equestria and finds that all those stupid internet jokes... where entirely true. Scootaloo is actually a chicken, rarity is made of Marshmallows, Fluttershy is an animate tree, etc. As he happens to be one of those folks that don't like those memes, test of faith ensues."

That is wonderful in ways I can only imagine.

This should've been longer... oh well, it gave me inspiration for my next fic. :twilightsmile:

Well, the first is finished, but the second is just halfway done, and will be finished soon. and the first one might be touched on in a more... serious fic.

nice grouping dude! what about real personality vs stage personality? oh btw my comp got wet and now i have to use the on screen keyboard

Oh sure, the 'ponies are actually f*yay*ing ginormous' idea. Who's was that? Oh yeah, thanks for the credit, 'pal'.

I'm sorry bro.
Also, are you going to be around redmond lib Wednesday? I'd like to come and hang out, but I have no idea when you guys are leaving, if at all.

If you weren't checking blog posts, I can see how me giving you credit was missed. However, I will go and fix it, your pickiness.

Not everyone is so well-grounded they don't get shocked working with electronics.
Or sane, for that matter.

Nope, pretty sure Cackling means Evil. Even if it doesn't, it sure scares people when you do cackle.
Sooo, how long on that portal being made functional?

Ah, about the portal... does anyone remember the Island of Angleboon? because I've got a hole in my memories that says it doesn't exist, and that I definitely don't have a lab there.

As for the cackling... I point you at the Dictionary.Reference.com definition, which contain no references of any kind to evil itself. Specifically, I'm using definition 2: to laugh in a shrill, broken manner.

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