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Hope you laughed or learned something.

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New Original Song: "Alice" · 1:00am November 24th

New original song based on my love for Lewis Carroll.

Hey, Wonderfolk! Happy Thanksgiving!

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Ponky and Lyra!

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So I taught a CTR6 primary lesson today, and the theme ended up veering towards something I wrote on the board earlier: "What you do matters". And having reflected on that again and again over the course of years, I think to myself - how much meaning is conveyed in so few words! It's permanently on my list of "Bro. Stromberg's words of wisdom", and I wanted to thank you for originally writing this bit if wisdom in the Sisters Doo.

Why, thank you!

Perfection. Perfection everywhere I turn on this page. You dare blind me with your radiance? Well, hah! — how will you like it when I binge your stories?

Aha, pure evil.

I could not be happier about that reaction.

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