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A Brony of non-US origin (pause for gasps of horror),thus I spell things slightly differently. Well, not 'things', specifically, but words like surprise, colour and centre. You weird people.


Um. So.... sorry? And a new chapter! · 12:02pm Dec 15th, 2012

Just finished my postgraduate degree. I have all the letters after my name, and none of the money.

So, I'm mega-super-hyper sorry that I've been off the grid for so long. I've been eyebrows-deep in work. It's a sucky excuse, I know, but it's been pretty full-on. But I bring a new chapter as an apology!

The Jewellery Box - Chapter Four

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Tis' frustrating, when this site says I'm spelling my words wrong. You seem acquainted with such an issue.

Idk of ur not on anymore I'm your 800th follower!

Well then.
*Resets watch
3 weeks.

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