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A Brony of non-US origin (pause for gasps of horror),thus I spell things slightly differently. Well, not 'things', specifically, but words like surprise, colour and centre. You weird people.


Um. So.... sorry? And a new chapter! · 12:02pm Dec 15th, 2012

Just finished my postgraduate degree. I have all the letters after my name, and none of the money.

So, I'm mega-super-hyper sorry that I've been off the grid for so long. I've been eyebrows-deep in work. It's a sucky excuse, I know, but it's been pretty full-on. But I bring a new chapter as an apology!

The Jewellery Box - Chapter Four

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Well, its been so many years, personally I believe they have left forever, if you see this comment than do believe that the arthor will no doughtably be offline till the end of time, as it does seem as though its been several years since anything has been heard or mentioned by the author, personally I find that its a little disappointing but I guess things happen, if by the off chance of a rare miracle that the author returns then this comment is null and void, but as it stands enjoy the stories he's written and only hope that a miracle happens and they return. This would now mark about 4 years since the arthor has been seen or heard from.

Edit: would also like to mention to the author that if by chance you see this and do come back, may I suggest a way for you to gain from this all in some way, such as future works and whatnot, I would obviously recommend patreon or other methods if you so happen to be hurting in the money department. As that seems to be a common trend I notice throughout many authors I've read up on.



Tis' frustrating, when this site says I'm spelling my words wrong. You seem acquainted with such an issue.

Idk of ur not on anymore I'm your 800th follower!

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