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Do you come from the Land Down Under?
Then join us! We do too!

If you'd like to add a story to the group, feel free.
It doesn't have to be about Australia, just has to be by an Australian author. And if you have a number of stories and would like a folder of your own, just PM me and I'll be happy to oblige.
- Midnight Specter (Admin)

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Aussies don’t dislike other Aussies’ weird comments.

Heya! Is the admin still about? I'd like to possible grab a folder!

I'm glad the community is here in Australia too and not just over in places like the Americas.



What if some of my relatives live in and some are Australian?

New story coming out from a new Australian author tomorrow

Here's a hint:

372801 Are you American?
Not to be racist and please don't take this the wrong way, but when Americans try to do an Aussie accent, it's painful.
But yours might not be, and you might not even be American, so....

On another note, I'm on this page and my family is playing 'Country One' by Midnight Oil in the background. Fucking love this song. :twilightsmile:

Hey, I was wondering if i could add my story, The adventures of a Aeon Gate and friends in Equestria, to this Awesome Auzzie Association

I so wanna go to Australia!

May I have a Folder pls? :raritywink:

so whos going to the ponycon @ surfers in feb?

A group for Aussies? Since when do Australian Shepherds (Aussies) have user accounts, and make groups?

Oh, for Australians..

I know I'll get a million dislikes for this comment, however since I'm Aussie, I'm allowed to make one of my terrible jokes..

Uh...If it's not much to ask could I have my own folder? You know, just for my own terrible stories :pinkiecrazy:

*links to video not available in Australia in description*

Can I get a folder for my name? I have a few stories I can put in there

So, I see an author is part of 'UK Bronies'.

Hmm. Is there an 'Aussie Bronies' group?

Yep. First thing I see when I look at the group's page:


I'M HOME COCKSUCKERS!! :pinkiecrazy::trollestia:


it dont matter what part of the country you come from :applejackunsure: it only matters if your were born or live in this great country :derpytongue2::yay:

Im really trying too get an australian accent down pat! I love australia! Yet not australian :P :twilightblush: :moustache:

Not Australian but i love Australia.
Im from California. =3

  • Viewing 281 - 300 of 300
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