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Just a update board for stories and their progress. The system uses seven (super rainbow powered) stages:
[/////]Stage 1: Idea-a-fying
[/////]Stage 2: basic skeleton forming
[/////]Stage 3: rough draft
[/////]Stage 4: Procrastination
[/////]Stage 5: flesh out chapter
[/////]Stage 6: initiate grammarcide
[/////]Stage 7: publish and be relived that fans won't hound you for a while
The Adventures of a Aeon Gate and friends in Equestria
Chapter 1 [///////////////////////////////////] 100.00% Complete, Due day: 18/2/15

Chapter 2 [////////////////////] 28.57% Complete, Due day: ??/04/15


Skye-News 25th / April / 2015 · 3:00am Apr 25th, 2015

SS: Hey guys, Skye Serpent here.

QQ: hey, don't forget me

SS: yes, and Quill's still here. Now you're all probably wondering 'hey! Where the hell is the next chapter you guys!?' Eh eh eh...

QQ: he's been bogged down by life stuff

SS: yeah... Well anyway. The next chapter needs a few adjustments and it's finished. Also, the table of contents isn't finished yet so keep checking back for more.

QQ: also, have a happy brandzac day eveyone


β€œWar ain't black and white, Celestia. It's grey, red and grusome, and if yeh think ya can just send mah kin to their deaths, yeh can think again. Ah alreadly lost mah boy to yer damned 'Gundam' project and ahm not gonna lose mah granddaugher too"

Granny Smith, Pony Seed Destiny: Dragonfire is best Gundam

"Friends don't use others feelings for their own personal gain, but bullies do, so tell me Twilight Sparkle. Is the student of Princess Celestia, a pony whom supposedly radiates friendship, a bully?"

Spike's Noir, The adventures of an Aeon Gate and friends in Equestria

"Uh rainbow, have you ever heard of Grinch Syndrome? No? Well, Grinch Syndrome is the purposful act of preventing winter or any related activities for selfish reasons, e.g. Rainbow dash could not bear the fact her tortoise had to hibernate, so she came down with a case of Grinch Syndrome"

Quick Quill, The adventures of an Aeon Gate and friends in Equestria


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Thank you for adding The Stars are Not Our Friends to your Favorites! I am so glad you enjoyed it!

It's an upcoming project, sorry for the wait. I had the starts Of it done a while ago and will try to upload in the next two weeks.

Where can I read Pony Seed Destiny: Dragonfire is best Gundam?

Nice Mitsudomoe.:heart:

Thanks for the fave. I hope you like the story! :twilightsmile:

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