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Okay so the site ate my bio I guess. I don't use this site much anymore, and so a lot of the stuff I've said may not reflect my current views. I do write for the SCP wiki now, though.

Oh look, Knighty removed something.

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Not like anyone actually cares, but... · 11:42am Apr 1st, 2018

I was looking through some old screenshots I took from 2015, and I found some old images of The Cynical Brony. And I think he still has me blocked all the way from 2015 (I was kinda an asshole to him back then, but to be fair I was pretty young and stupid).

If he wants to make amends then I don't mind. I don't know why I focused on this, I just found the images funny I guess.

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Comment posted by staryoshi06 deleted Apr 1st, 2018

2319444 You most likely did. But at this point, I get a notice if it's added to a bookshelf, so I've been going through and thanking people without really looking where they put the story!

2319110 Oops, I meant to add it to read later. Sorry for the misunderstanding (this doesn't mean I won't add it to my favourites after I have read it though!)

Thanks for adding DJ-P4NTL3SS to your library!


Ah, well I remember back when I first started writing on this site in 2012, it was difficult for me to put to paper what stories I wanted because I kept being super critical, thinking "what if I never finish this story? What if I could use my time to do something else?" Four years had passed and I completed 12 stories. That's not bad, but I didn't think it was good for me personally. So I tested myself and wrote with a new rule "It doesn't matter what I think about the story before it's posted. I don't worry about it, I write and I let the audience decide. They will have gained a new story because of it and I will have gotten better because I tried."

I wrote 9 stories last week because of that second method. :) But also...because I don't have a job. :P But I still wrote! :D

I look forward to your one-shot when you finish it! :D

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