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WWLD is a group for anyone with a learning disorder. ADHD, ADD, Dyslexia, or any other learning disorder you can think of. If you're unsure about whether you should join, join anyways!

All stories added should be from users with some type of disorder.

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Howdy! I've got APD, ADHD Combined Subtype, Asperger's Syndrome, and a minor form of Dyslexia that I feel is tied in with the APD. I also have General Anxiety Disorder and a weird ass form of Social Anxiety Disorder. Mix all that up with minor Agoraphobia, and you basically get me: an intelligent, sociable (but not in person), and overall impressive example of a shut in. I'm extroverted when I'm not talking to people face to face, though software like skype seems to lessen this.

that's Pervasive Developmental Disorder, Not Otherwise Specified. It's a form of autism. NLD is Nonverbal Learning Disorder.

i have a learning disorder but i dont know the english name, in dutch they call it: pdd nos nld

and i have a light form of autism and asperges.
good to know im not the only writer with (i call it) difficulties.

greetings from holland,

Does jittering and can't stay still count?

ADD, ADHD, ODD, OCD, autism, Asperger's, partial dyslexia (some words get mixed with others, get it from mom)

does autism count as a learning disorder?

So glad that I found something perfect for me... I have severe ADHD and I am a perfectionist... That counts in my opinion, as it takes forever to get it satisfactory to my taste, which means that I tend to turn things in late... Also my best friends have dyslexia and a sensory processing disorder... :twilightsheepish:

ADD, Asphergers AND Depression, the trifecta! Yaaasaaaay! /sarcasm

Autism that I knew about since kindergarten!:heart:

I am slightly bipolar as well as I have a mental affliction that prevents information from being stored within my brain. (I didn't wright this because I can't remember how to word it, hence my disorder.)

I have ADD severly and a mild case of Discrafea

I have A.D.H.D, Autistic Spectrum Disorder and Aspergers Syndrome (all to mild degrees), this group is perfect

363638 I have no ADD but ADHD I do have and same with organizational skills, absent-mindedness and social anxiety instead of awkwardness but it does lead to that eventually. But you know what? people like us who have grouped here with any kind of disorder have other things we're good at, like my absent-mindedness has lead to having a great imagination and that has lead to stories. I swear on my hard drive I have like a million stories about ponies, but that's besides the point. We might be even smarter than we realize because we have these disorders and stuff. So you know what, Be proud that we all have these kind of things. some might have led us to creating stories here and some may have not, but heck, I'm still gonna embrace the face that I'm different than most people and I think we all should too. Nobody (or pony) is perfect.

Well, I have ADHD so it commonly makes me write terribly spelled stories... sadly none of them show it anymore now that I've sent them though a proof reader... also because of it i'm terribly impatient when writing so it takes a huge amount of time to write a chapter that's 900-1000 words the most words i usually write in a short amount of time would be 800ish

YUS a place where i can put my story when its out and not be called a dumb uneducated idiot for have bad grammar due to my learning disability.

Aspergers and OCD for sure, ADD maybe

376971 :twilightsheepish: I've just had enough of that darn disorder screwing up my life i don't call it by its real name.

anyway, thanks :twilightsmile:

375615 I'm not the only person that made that up then.

Aspergers and ADHD.

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