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CMC vs CMC backstory: covering 2018, 2020, 2021, and 2022 · 1:11am March 10th

So basically here's the backstory behind why I wrote that story. It gets weird.

So let's start with the oldest events, shall we?

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Non-MLP stories

Void "AU" ordered not by chronological order

Notes: it's only an AU for Equal and Opposite and the ending of Worlds of Destiny. Required reading will be bolded

(Void Creature Saga phase 1: Origin)
Worlds of Destiny
Secrets and Lies (replaced by the epilogue of above; rewrite of this might not happen)
Fandom Fights Season One (complete)
Equal and Opposite
Shark Wars: Razor’s Edge (takes place at the same time as Equal and Opposite)
Fandom Fights Season Two
Meet the Team
Tales From The Trinity
Return of the Rainbow
Shark Wars: Attack of the Frills (takes place at the same time as RotR)
Void War I

(Void Creature saga phase 2)
World War: Equestria
Shark Wars: Unleash the Kraken (takes place at the same time as World War: Equestria)
Miraculous: Rise of Flamewing
Fandom Fights Season Three (ends all relevancy of Fandom Fights to this until S8)
War of the Void

(Void saga phase 3)
(something involving a griffon Hercules; title pending)
Speed is Key
ORD-003: Robot Apocalypse

(Void saga phase 4)
A Day in the Life of Discord
One Of Us (title isn't set in stone)
Origin is Key
Into the Void

([REDACTED] saga phase 5)
The Dragon King
The "Perfect" Ending
Friendship is Forever
Legends of Equestria
Fandom Fights Season Eight (the main cast of everything above joins the main cast of Fandom Fights)
(The Adventure Continues...)

might change bio to one of these idk

RIP my brain cells, who died when I fat-fingered a tornado in Clash Royale. 1412-2021
It's Taco Tuesday, everyday (it's also Diarrhea Tuesday but we don't talk about that)
My sense of humor got executed during the French Revolution. It's not dead, it's just decapitated
Mama, I killed a man
Our mother, comrade
Not that great at writing but nobody seems to care
Fun fact: I'm deathly allergic to cyanide
I have been trained in the art of writing incomprehensible stories

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Thanks for adding Forbidden Melodies to your favorites. I hope you enjoyed it!

Thanks for the favourite on Pokémon Red and Purple!

Thanks for adding my mini story I'm What?! to your favorites. :twilightsmile:

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