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You're a lot stronger than you think you are. Trust me.

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Notice · 5:20pm February 1st

[UPDATE: I can confirm firsthand that TheMysteryMuffin is alive and has been active on Discord for most of the day at this point. I have also been informed courtesy of Estee that she has apparently been in contact with a prevention hotline. As it stands now, it seems like she is currently doing better.]

[UPDATE 2: Belated, but TheMysteryMuffin has since made a public comment of her own.]

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If you thought the way the Suicide Squad game killed off the Arkhamverse Batman was lazy and disrespectful, wait until you hear the game's explanation on how the members of the Justice League got captured and brainwashed by Brainiac in the first place:

How was Muffin today?

Hey there, Jade Dawn. Go ahead and take a look at a discussion thread that you might be interested in (but I will respect if you're not:


If the link works, go ahead and take a look. If not, I'm sorry for wasting your time.

Thanks for adding Forbidden Melodies to your favorites as well as your "Good Stuff" folder. I'm glad you liked it.

Thanks for letting me know.

  • Viewing 435 - 439 of 439
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