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I have only one request: COMMENTS!

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Current Projects


From Far Beyond: 3/? Chapters Complete

Nightmare Moon is Coming to Town!: Completed (For now; might add more in the future)

Robotnik vs. Equestria: 2/? Chapters Complete


Into the Beyond (Adventure/Mystery story)

Queen Chrysalis goes to the Villain Pub (HISHE crossover)

The Perfect Predator (Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom crossover)

UNDER CONSIDERATION (i.e. might do them, might not)

Restart (Twilight amnesia/resurrection story)

Birds of a Feather (Gilligan's Island crossover; not sure if I'll actually go through with this one)

Possible crossover with The War of the Worlds (either the 1953 film or the Jeff Wayne musical)

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Jade Dawn #31 · Sunday · · ·

Maybe some day. If I get any ideas on my part, I'll let you know.


Changing the subject, could we, one day, do a collab on a story? Either posting it on your or my user page.

Jade Dawn #29 · Sunday · · ·

Yeah. I liked the idea that you had going, and I thought it would be smart to do one myself.

Thanks for the idea, by the way. :)

I see that you've taken the Current Projects idea!

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