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Hello, everyone. I've been looking all over for this forum so that I could post my G1 inspired story idea. Here it is...
It's set between The Ending of the End and The Last Problem. Princess Twilight is visited by a tiny lava lizard named Sludge, who claims to be from a faraway land called Dream Valley. Sludge begs Twilight and her friends to bring friendship to Dream Valley and save it from war. The Mane 6, accompanied by Spike and Sludge, travel to Dream Valley and stop the various races (ponies, lava lizards, ice toads, etc..) from fighting. On the way, they meet a mysterious cloaked figure called Moochick and his bushwoolies. He tells them the story of Prince Lavan, who tried to stop a war between the lava lizards and ice toads, but was accidentally blasted away by a lava lizard cannon. The girls also take notice of a volcano that has been slowly growing and becoming more active since their arrival. Eventually, the girls fall into despair that they still could not convince the other races to stop their fighting. Sludge, also disheartened, transforms and reveals himself to be Lavan. He had hoped the Mane 6 would help, but had a backup plan in case they couldn't. The girls follow him into the volcano, which he reveals to be his own creation, Mt. Power. He then epxlains that he visited many different lands to learn about friendship in the hopes of saving Dream Valley before eventually landing in Equestria. There, he learned about the Elements of Harmony, the Tree, the Pillars, and crystal seeds. Mt. Power is actually the result of a crystal seed infused with his essence. When Twilight points out that it took the Tree eons to grow, Lavan explains that the Pillars only infused the seed once before they vanished and left the Tree to grow under its own power, while he has been constantly powering and nurturing Mt. Power. Now, after a mere ten years, Mt. Power offers him his own Element of Power, which he will use to force peace upon everyone in Dream Land. The girls try to fight him off, but he proves to be as skilled as even Twilight in magical power. Once he dons the element crown ad transforms into his crystal state, he is now the most magically powerful being in all of the world. Celestia, Luna, and several others from Equestria sense the disturbance and arrive to help the Mane 6. Discord tries to use chaos magic on Lavan, but it fizzles out in lava lizard's aura. The showdown between the Mane 6 and Lavan commences.
That's as far as I got. Not sure what lesson or realization I can present the Mane 6 and/or Lavan and the others of Dream Valley. Please give me your ideas and thank you.

I have some shipping fic ideas, like Rarity X Steven Magnet(rarinet), Terramar x Smolder(Smoldermar), Ocellus x Bramble(bramblecellus), Trouble Shoes x Gilda(gildashoes), rarithorn(Rarity X Blackthorn.

crossover ships Rafiki x Zecora

mlp g1 ship ideas Sting x Morning Glory, Teddy X Sweetheart(teddyheart), Catrina x Rep, Captain Crabnasty x Posey

So, I had an idea for a crossover between Equestria Girls and Persona 5.

It stars the P5 protagonist (let's go with Akira Kurusu for his name). Unlike in canon where he's sent to live in Tokyo. Here he's sent to live with family in Canterlot (maybe Twilight, who could function as a partial Futaba stand-in, trying to study the Phantom Thieves and Metaverse when she discovers them.)

He becomes a student at Canterlot High, and meets the new Gym Teacher, Suguru Kamoshida. He notices that while most people seem to like him, Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo try to avoid him (which is difficult for Dash as she's part of the Volleyball Team).
Meanwhile Rainbow's friends are concerned because she suddenly dropped out of all of the sports teams and clubs she was in, except for the Volleyball Team.

On his first real day at CH, he runs into Rarity and Fluttershy, who are walking to school, he tags and along and accidentally activates the Metaverse Navigator. And rather than arriving at CH, the three of them arrive at a large, bleek castle.

We then follow the plot of P5 (in broad strokes). With the 3 becoming Phantom Thieves, and vowing to stop Kamoshida (they aren't completely convinced until they find a library listing his "conquests" (each is a book), and find a Rainbow Dash book that is still being written.
Eventually Rainbow finds out about, and joins them.

When they send the calling card, Rainbow writes it, Rarity designs it, and Fluttershy has her animal friends plaster it around the school.

Ok i had another one so it about greek mythology so celestia is the reincarnation of hades he maybe tired of being lonely it before he encountered Persephone and after making sure the underworld is running smoothly and making sure that nobody knows his plan he passed on and reincarnated as celestia the changes is that maybe and accidental magic by twilight/sunset and it opened a portal near medusa and celestia old magic come back crashing into her after calming down she sees medusa and interact with her medusa afraid and baffled by a powerful god suddenly appeared before her and not turning into stone. After hearing her life story celestia lifted medusa curse and complaints about her siblings abuse of power and try to explain her life story after that celestia offered medusa a choice she can be turned into a filly and be her student or be escorted to the nearest village medusa accept celestia offer to be a filly and get turned into a filly and go to the portal after that celestia give back her old magic and closed the portal and medusa tries to live in a culture so different than her own and many technology and magic more advanced than she imagined while celestia guides her and a dynamic between twilight/sunset.

Okay i had a story ideas about fnaf its been in my head for several months now the premise is that scootaloo is a reincarnation of foxy. After maybe 10 to 20 years he the gets tired of being an animatronic and finnaly after letting go of the hate he was free from the animatronic and becomes a ghost. after failing to convince the others to let go of the hate his ghost finnaly dissipates but he wakes as scootaloo at maybe 4 to 5 years old she was baffeled not only she gets to live again but she also switch genders and gets found and adopted by her parents. i don't know how to she can get back to the freedy fazbear restourant but maybe with the rest of the cutie mark crusaders trying to convince the rest of the animatronic to let go of the hate. I also had a bit of dialouge of schootaloo trying ro convince the animatronic.
Schootaloo: just let go of the hate look at me im alive again you literaly gained everyting and nothing to lose if you let go of the hate please just let go of it.

Anyone here know about the lupin the 3rd
If so what would lupin do in equestria with his friends .
What would he do if he was alone.
What would he do without fujiko.

In Season 5 Episode 7 'Make New Friends but Keep Discord' we see a mail delivery pony named Parcel Post. He ended up delivering a letter to Discord while in Discords realm. Almost immediately after we see him being snatched away by one of the monsters that inhabit the realm and only briefly see him again 2 seasons later in the episode 'Discordant Harmony' still drifting aimlessly through Discord's dimension.

I thought it would be cool to see a story where we see Parcel Posts adventures in this chaotic dimension. Maybe there is more to Discords dimension than meets the eye. If you like the Idea and want to make a story out of it by all means give it a shot.

If you ask what I personally would want to see I'd love to see that the monsters in this chaos dimension are sentient but merely lack any form of society and are therefore more prone to violence and causing trouble (if anyone has seen Danny Phantom think of something similar to the Ghost Zone). Of course this is just a personal preference I'd love to see what anyone else can come up with.

You should ask for help.

Maybe they could turn into different sapient animals like sea ponies or zebras.

Man, still haven't finished with chapter 4 of the GoW4 crossover, and now I'm running out of ideas concerning the story, after I went beyond the Storm King, now I just don't know how Kratos will deal with the damn dirty ape and Tempest Shadow from this point. And plus I'm struggling to match up Mimir and construct proper pacing of the whole thing.

Hey Guys I got an idea:
The Cutie Mark Crusaders get their own Omnitrixes after they found a meteorite that has landed in the EverGreen Forest on one of their crusades (The won't get their CM in the story).They will use them for good and heroism while making sure that no one knows that they are the aliens that stops Vilgax's forces from getting their Omnitrixes and also stop other villains.
(They can have the same or different Omnitrixes)

1st is a story we're soon after tireks attack spike heads to the golden oaks ruins. He finds a metal box or something. He reads a journal and it was written by star swirl or clover the clever. It tells of a war between Griffins and ponies in a place called the harmonic grove. But the ponies got desperate and used dark magic and necromany, and due to all the death and dark magic it turns into the evergreen. And the timber wolves are an amalgamation of the corrupted magic of the evergreen and the lost souls barred from death due to all the necromany or something. The author also tells of an amulet. It was a last ditch effort of a tree ent or some spirit the tree of harmony made. The spirit tried to contain the foul magic by compressing it into a jewel, but it was to much and the ever free was born. "The amulet of the everfree" if you will is guarded by timber wolves and other things. The author tells us this. Spike sees this and has an idea. The attack still fresh and the feeling of not being able to do anything gets him mad. He garhers supplies in secret and goes to get the amulet. He learns about his dragon nature and learns to hunt. He grows and learns to use a bow and starts to eat meat out of desperation. He grows tall and adorns pelts. Once he gets there he fights off the timber wolves. It's takes him Mabey 4 months. Once he sees the amulet he fights a huge timber wolve but it looks like a werewolf. Standing on it's gone legs and huge firearms. He fights and barley win. He then tales the amulet jewel and eats it. Cause plot. Then he slumbers while the magic changes him. It's at this point the luna can't get in his dreams anymore due to the magic so they think he is dead. Spike then eakes up his eyes turn amber abd his body is now more wolf/dragon amd he gains the ability to morph his body and parts of it into a timber wolves. He learns to use this power in about 2 moths. Then he heads home. But when he gets there he is shunned. He tries to convince them he is spike but the get mad and push him away. He runs into the border of the everfree and decides to protect them. Then time passes and word spreads the is a weird type of timber wolf and they princesses send a squad of guards to subdue the Wolf. Soon the princesses come to fight the Wolf. Then they could either find out it's spike or they fight and spike has to fight albeit aprehensivley.

2nd is a hie story. An aspiring dj gets hit by some scaffolding on stage and is hit in the head and killed. And while his soul is passing threw the void. An event with strong magic from the cannon drags his soul and forms a unicorn body for him and drops him in equestria. His name is spectral reverb. He uses his knowledge to create music in equestrian from a plethora of earth music he had heard of by using a mind scrying spell he can get it note for note. Since they don't have the same musical equipment he uses his horn to create the sounds and alter his voice accordingly. He uses a form of illusion magic to form spectors and ghost like instruments for show. He tends to be the lead guitarist and let's the illusions do the vocals and other parts. Occasionally he will sing but he use magic to alter his voice. Now he could be yound and star in a talent show to get famous after a lot of practice. And for his turn in the show he uses so much magic his horn starts to look like red hot metal or something. Or he could be an adult and live a double life of sorts. And then eventually he gets to have the princsses be in his audience. So with the biggest pair in history. He goes and performs the lullaby celestia songs for luna. I forget the name. I think it's lullaby for a princess. And then the shows could be goofy and the story could be serious and sometimes the songs and performances could be serious.

Those are my ideas. I'll gladly hear critiques and if the idea is to long let me know and I'll try to shorten it. :twilightsmile:

One suggestion is for the EG franchise. Based on one amazing coaster at Busch Gardens Williamsburg, the Rainbooms van takes a wrong turn after almost getting struck by lightning into a dark forest. Will they make it out alive??
The second is for MLP itself. Humanity discovers potential life on a planet some 7 lightyears away. They send a ship to this planet, a 28 year journey, traveling at 25% the speed of light. When the ship reaches this planet, the probes that land, get a huge, HUGE surprise!

Have you watched some of the classic Three Stooges episodes? Maybe it can help you with ideas. It helps me when I watch something. In the meantime, I'll think further about how to help you with your story.

Is this place like...a think tank by any chance?

A place where someone could come up with stories and consult others for ideas involving them? Like with Pixar, Disney, and Warner Bros?

I'm ok at story ideas, not so much at the actual execution.:pinkiecrazy:

Hey, I was told about this group.

I want to continue writing this story that I have (in fact it's the only one I've written thus far), but I'm afraid that because I've been having to transition to a new school as an undergraduate, as well as dealing with writer's block, I found myself unsure what I should write next. If anyone could help give a couple of ideas for the story (after you have read it first), that'd be cool. :)

I'm pretty good at giving story prompts and ideas, at least I like to think so.

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