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Greetings! · 11:00pm Sep 17th, 2017

Yep, still not dead!

The only reason I haven't updated the latest chapter in a while is because:

1.) Various stuff online and offline getting in the way..

2.) Editing the chapters

3.) I've also been trying to work on some other stuff on the side so that I could get better as a writer, this way I can improve my skills and hopefully make my stories on this site better as a result.

Speaking of the second reason, I also want to give a huge shoutout to Calamity Velvet!

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And if you do find anyone, just let me know. :)

2333490 idont Know anywon that can help but a can look around.
Maby this can help.


Thank you for the comment, I apologize for the lack of response.

Anyway, aside from the fact I've been busy transitioning into the new college that I'm now enrolled in as an undergraduate, I've been dealing with a shit load of writer's block.

Believe me, I really do want to continue the story and finish it, so I'm glad someone still cares about it. :)

If you know someone who could help me out with ideas, that'd be great.

Hello. When are you going to continu patches?

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