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This is a place where new authors can post their stories for shameless promotions, reviews, and creative support. The main goal is to create a safe community for authors to post their stories and receive the attention they deserve.

Also, please read the review instructions forum upon joining, so you know what is expected of you in the terms of reviewing another author's story.

Rules to abide by:

1. Be Respectful. Friendly, artistic criticism is encouraged, but any kind of bullying will not be tolerated. This is a friendly, safe environment for both new and experienced authors and it will remain that way.

2. Do not spam your story. One addition in the folders your fiction belongs in will be sufficient. We have to give others a chance at greatness as well.

3. On the subject of reviews, please place it in the reviews folder. If you receive one, give one in return. That way stories get recognition and each author gets some friendly advice. The stories will be removed from the folder after each month, so it doesn't get too full.

4. Do not spam the forum. You may ask for advice or start friendly discussions, but do not post any rude or obscene blogs into the forum. Those that do will receive only one warning. Afterwards, they will be banned from the group, and their stories will be removed forthwith.

These are the basic rules, but I'll add more as we grow! Enjoy!

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So I'm not new, but I do think this could be a fun group to join. :pinkiesmile:

Thanks, we need more bwhahahaha:rainbowlaugh: Then I shall rule the world:pinkiecrazy:

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