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Whether you're from Alaska or Australia, like Sad stories or Comedy, this group is for you. It doesn't matter whether you just wanted to spill all of your thoughts onto the screen, or you're working on a real master-piece, because you can post just about anything here.

You may not like this idea, in which case, why are you even still reading? But maybe, just maybe, you might want to try out this group.

There will, of course be stories of all types, so you can just go into a folder of the type of story that you like and try out a random story! You may like it, you may not, but there will always be more to read!

But quickly I'm just going to state a few rules, because though this isn't going to be too restricted, I can't let you lot go wild, can I?

1. Be creative! Don't cage your mind to one objective, let your imagination run wild.
2. Make use of the folders and the subfolders! Don't post a Comedy in the Sad folder.
3.Have all of the right skills! Of course this is for all types of writers and stories, but let's all make sure we produce high-quality-grammar-accurate stories.
4. Be nice! Though constuctive critism is appreciated, try not to be mean unless the writer specifically says, "You go as far as you like about saying my story is bad! I don't care."
5. Respect the ones who comment! Though crossing the line of constuctive critism is bad, if they're obviously trying to help by pointing out what could be improved or are plainly saying their own opinion without exagerrating it, (e.g. I really don't like this story, I'm sorry, but I just really can't see the point.) don't snap back at them, they may be teaching you something.

And the golden rule, HAVE FUN! Try to at least enjoy yourself here, if you don't like it, nopony is forcing you to stay.

Try to at least post one story while you're in this group, it is, after all, a group for thos who just wanna write, right?

Almost done with the Teen Content folders, when I am done, just imagine me saying, "Phewf! That was like homework! But better 'cause it's not."

Here, the path is dangerous, so take this quote that I wrote (Ha! It rhymed!) and something something... boat.

'Those who do not read, write, and those who do not write, read, those who hav done both, are grateful and understanding of the time the authors take up to make such a work of art, for they have experienced the hard work, but give their fair share of critique from experience in their own reading.

Those who do not read or write, have not yet lived.'

And a poem.

Great Writers

Great writers, there are many,
but some write for not a penny!

A.K. Yearling, for one, with the Do series,
but does she have any other identities?

But when you search on the site, FimFiction.net,
you'll find a good writer, you can bet.

You may have to journey, far and wide,
you may have to overcome, the greater tide.

but once you know, that your journey has ended,
you will find, that fate, has bended,

what you were looking for, you now have found,
no longer to this objective are you bound.

Have you not noticed yet?
The watchers, faves and likes on the net?

You're a great writer, you no longer need to find,
the great writer you've searched for, because all the talents of a great writer, are in, your, mind.

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Can horrors also be published?

Comment posted by Peace Poet deleted Dec 2nd, 2017

You've convinced me. I'm joining this group! Nice poem too.

Comment posted by PanzerAsp RD deleted Feb 6th, 2015
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