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Before Time Began to Flow · 5:36pm Apr 30th, 2019

The prequel to The Lost Element is now available on Lulu. Very small, barely more than 50 pages. I was very surprised by how thin the proof copy is. A little special something for all my readers.


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I should have put those thoughts in, then. I was thinking that not only he knows the danger of the Ebony Warrior, but he's also the first human apart from James to arrive in Equestria, in addition to his sudden appearance and his threatening presence. It would be enough to make anyone scared. I suppose it didn't translate well into words while I was typing that scene.

Well, if you’re going to write James in a situation with something he is familiar with that he knows is fictional, his first reaction would cautious curiosity, not alarm.

I know the way I write James isn't how you do. Only one man can write him the ideal way, and that's the man who created him; no one else can be so intimately familiar with the character and how he grew and changed. Another author used my OCs in a crossover story, and I was a bit disappointed in how flat he handled them. I aimed to not make that mistake with you.

With that said, knowing that it was close enough for you to enjoy means the world to me. I was really anxious about how people would react to this; it seems people are split, based on the ratings. If you have any advice I can use to improve, what can you offer me?

I have and it looks good. Not entirely in character, but close enough. I’m glad you enjoyed yourself.

I uploaded the fan story today. Have you had a chance to see it?

  • Viewing 169 - 173 of 173
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