Final Preparations · 5:29pm October 5th

Proofreading for Volume 2 is nearly complete. However, I recall shortly after making Volume 1 available in printed form that some readers had difficulty discerning where chapters ended and the next began despite the titles of each chapter being front and center at the top of the page.

What can I do to fix this problem? Increase the size of the title text? Bolden the text? Underline it?

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I wish I had the skill necessary to draw like that, but my skills are restricted to the written medium.


I'm sorry you went through that, but I'm glad you are capable of moving on from such things. If it was me, I'd probably have a difficult time ignoring those type of issues.

Well, now looking back at the artworks, gotta admit that they are really good. You drew them yourselves, or did you have someone commission them for you?

There was a hacking scandal that happened five years ago that lasted for four months. Short version of the story is that my first ex spread false rape accusations about me when I denounced her and her abusive unstable parents after she already spread lies about me and some Encyclopedia Dramatica hackers she had ties to took the opportunity to mess with me. I'm guessing they gave up when they weren't getting the kind of reactions out of me they were hoping for or that my behavior was not consistent with a rapist and realized they were wasting their time. I lost two other accounts before the hacking stopped along with another offsite account or two.

I don't mind discussing it. The whole mess with her is something I can look back on and laugh about nowadays since it was a learning experience for me.

And thanks for letting me know about the busted picture link. I fixed it, though it's also an illustration in an upcoming chapter you'll see soon.

Hey there. Just wanted to say that your story, The Lost Element, is really good, and I'm only on Chapter 14: Night of the Laughing Dead! The prequel was what got me hooked if my comment on said story was any indication.

When I read through some of the chapters, what's this I'm hearing from other readers saying your story was hacked? Did something happen that I knew nothing about? I didn't even get a tagged blog post regarding the topic, though I'd understand if it's a sensitive subject and not something you wish to discuss at the moment.

Anyway, you're probably busy at the moment, so I'll continue reading the story.

May the light shine upon you.

P.S. By the way, some of your pictures below appears to be broken, but would you mind sending me a link to where you keep all your artwork regarding the story, please? It would be easier since I have trouble viewing images on Fimfiction from my tablet for some odd reason.

What are your thoughts on the stories I linked you?

  • Viewing 145 - 149 of 149
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