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Words fail me · 7:14am March 9th

I got a text from my mother today shortly after my shift started. Was told my father was slipping and would not be with us much longer. This was unexpected, yet not surprising. I had received a similar message a month ago.

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Report Humanity · 473 views · Story: The Lost Element · #Family #mourning #grief #pain #death

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You can’t seem to see how amazingly well detailed of a fanfic The Lost Element is, it’s one of the best HIE fanfics ever written, and is without doubt one of my favourite My Little Pony fanfics. If you don’t like Humanity or the fanfics he makes, simply don’t read them and do something with your life rather than hating on random authors over their work. If you spend the majority of your time spreading hate about somebody or something that you don’t like directly to them, then you have a sad and pretty unfortunate life.

Oof man, you can just hear how much of their filthy self-righteousness they're huffing just to have a single atom of getting high by their own pathetic waste of time trying to feel like a winner in something any one in general could, oh I don't know; Ignore and move on with their life instead of wasting their own time and energy typing out how terrible one person is (without a concrete thesis and reasoning, plus evidence and examples) at writing for years compared to their own... what, someone who has 0 stories and only goal in life is to always fail at trying to make their opinion (no matter how wrong they are) be loud enough to others deluding themselves believing they're words have any weight whatsoever.

Please go Karen off someplace where people would actually give a dung, try Twitter, I heard there's plenty of people like you frolicking left and right in their own delusional space. But hey, thanks for the salt you're providing us, helps really well when seasoning my brussels sprouts and chicken salsa dish.

Prove it by actually writing something sometime.

Sure. I won’t ever forget what you said. Thankfully I am in no position to take your word as gospel and never will. Nor is anyone else. I am more inclined to let my readers decide for themselves than to absorb the words of a random arrogant dipshit out of nowhere who is quick to criticize my own output when he has nothing to show to backup his claims of some kind of literary superiority. The fact that you have your own user page’s comments disabled shows you’ve definitely made plenty of enemies on this site through such belligerence who are eager to bite back. Perhaps my work wouldn’t look like trash if you didn’t constantly surround yourself with trash in the majority of the 18 groups you’re in where you end up conditioned to think just about everything is trash.

You have very quickly proven to be one of the most loathsome individuals I’ve encountered on this site in a very long time. And one without any teeth or history on the site to give any weight to his words. The fact that you dragged this discussion to my public user page conveys malicious intent and was clearly done out of bitterness and spite. Making your unprovoked verbal attacks on others as public as possible to humiliate them isn’t noble. It’s narcissistic. Even I have yet to stoop that low towards authors on this site I can’t respect, so thanks for making me feel better about myself. You being an unreasonable aggressor shows this is clearly a you problem, not mine.

It’s clear you genuinely resent me for whatever rationale you’ve come up with and I couldn’t care less. And it’s not the first time I’ve had to deal with this kind of irrationality online. This kind of behavior will not earn you respect on this site.

Of course you do not regret anything you’ve said here. You don’t have the capacity for it.

I don't regret anything I've said in the past. Your writing is trash on all accounts and I cannot see why anything written by you would have a TvTropes page, other than that someone was fucking bored. You didn't deserve any of the recognition you ever got and it's no wonder people woke up and stopped reading your endless cycle of self circle jerking and poorly hashed out fantasies. It fucking makes me sick, and trust me that's a hard thing to do. You're hardly any a better writer now than you were ten years ago. And that's still not saying much. Don't ever forget that, by the way.

My piece has been said, and again I can live knowing I'll always be a better and more articulate writer.

Comment posted by Arenicos the VI deleted April 21st
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