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Discord is no more. But with his end, the Bearers of the Elements of Harmony have been robbed of a most precious treasure they failed to protect.

How does one cope knowing that one failed to protect someone dear to ones' heart? How does one live with the guilt?

What would one do to undo the greatest mistake of ones' life? And what would one endure to do so?

Alternate ending to The Lost Element following Mortal Chaos.

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Cover picture provided by Bliss Franklin

Chapters (16)
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Well, I just learned something new. Deleting a chapter results in all the comments on it being deleted as well. You'd think they would stay on the story as long as it remained up.:ajbemused:

4987602 whoopsie
Otherwise great chapter

I had hoped something like this would've been the canon ending.
Just like real life, all it takes is one wrong turn and it is all over. Sadly not many authors go that route.

4987637 You'd think the admins would've made this clear during the last warning before pressing the button. It's not even mentioned in the site's FAQ. There was some good enjoyable feedback to read under that teaser.

4987782 If I were to take that route, the sequel and the entire second half of the story would be scrapped.


OK, this is just heart wrecking for me. Discord I wanna kill so badly right now. NM needs to realise that it wasn't entirely the girls fault and they're not traitors. This is literally their first time experiencing the other side of life itself, they aren't exactly like her, and that's not gonna bring James back at all.

Say, can I talk to you in private?

I'm gonna be honest: I liked it better when it was just the one "preview" chapter.

It was short, concise, and was entirely capable of being an excellent oneshot.

4989846 Sorry about that.

Well, I don't read the original yet, but I like this.

Comment posted by Sarachi deleted Jul 21st, 2018

4988090 I know, I wouldn't want you to end the story, but this ending fits soo well too.

Comment posted by RainbowDragon deleted Sep 12th, 2014

4991701 James' body was transported to the Canterlot hospital in chapter 1. Probably in the morgue or wherever they keep the bodies of the deceased before burial.

Wow, you're coming along quick! Love it!

Like the whole chaptere exept appereng of Cel perents, it sounds like:
- Oh, no! 2 my friends died in the same day and I do nothing :raritydespair:
- It happens sometimes.
- Ok, see you after zebras genocide :raritywink:

P.S. For some reason I have thought:
Nothing comes from nowhere and goes nowhere. If Discord renounced his immortality then where did it go?
I have in mind that immortal not need to breathe in order to live, so that James could very well just not wanting to wake up yet (and the element of humanity was destroyed because he now has too much chaos inside). Or I just want to see how he "comes to life" at his funeral to be united with the Moon and become villain (by that made his friends suffering even more).

The only thing I would suggest doing is changing the chapter titles to reflect the point of view if the pony featured in it.

I don't really understand what I'm reading to be honest. Not in a matter of not being able to know what is happening but not being able to fully comprehend the situation within the text. I've been following you and this story ever since it started and I've seen how much has happened and grew attached to James as a character... It actually makes me rather upset while reading this to see it take up the tradegy tag and to see the story carry on without him, but I shall still read and support nonetheless. Great story, Humanity, great story indeed.

4997096 That will not work since there will be more than one entry for numerous characters. Besides, it does not take much to figure out who's writing after a few paragraphs .

4997132 Thanks. I do feel this may be my worst story of the four on the site though.

May I ask what the strongest impact was from the first five chapters? Or which of the five struck hardest?

4999581 It might have been the chapter about Rarity. Just her reaction to Blueballs after his rude remark made me realize how much James had influenced the mane six and everyone else within Equestria. Made me realize that I love this story more than I let on. I don really care if you think the story is one of your worst because I love it nonetheless.

4999666 Well, I'm judging it by overall reception. Compared to the others, its reception since I actually started posting chapters has been...lacking.

4999846 Don't take other's apparent inability to comment on your work as them not enjoying it. I personally adore your work no matter the length and or bias I have.

Awesome chapter:pinkiehappy:

But I feel sorry for fluttershy for her lost.:fluttercry:

We will never forget you James. You'll be in our hearts forever. goodby my friend

Poor Scootaloo...:applecry:

5022720 If I may ask, which of the chapters so far has really stood out to you?

That's a hard one. I think they all great chapters that you doing.

P.s sorry for the late comment I was out work

Comment posted by FireRockStar473 deleted Sep 20th, 2014

The story has brought up some terrible memories for me. But, nonetheless, I still enjoy the story. I'll be honest, this story is not bad so far. It's just hard to read without having images of past regrets and failures pop into my head. So you have gratitude for a good story. Also, if you based this story on something that happened in your life, you have my sincerest apologies.

5029063 Well, we've all probably gone through loss at some point in our lives. Although this story is not inspired by anything I've gone through. It's the result of a concept I thought up quite a ways back while contemplating the most recent events in my main story.

As for whatever you may be remembering because of this story, my apologies. I hope you're all right.:fluttershysad:

Excellent work there, nice musical piece to accompany it as well.

Oh man, now why did she throw it away!? James wouldn't be happy about that if she just came to the funeral without it!

5046453 Hmm... Perhaps you have a point. I don't know, I'm a bit conflicted on that.

I don't know why but I have a weird feeling. That something will happen in this story that will in turn go back to the main story. Maybe some sort of event will happen where time will rewrite. Or something along those lines. But I have a feeling something will happen and it will involve the rewriting of time. I don't know why but I am getting that odd feeling. Or if its just a standalone. Thats just as good.

So I'm guessing the last chapter will be the funeral?

It'd be interesting if somehow, Ruby could be able to communicate with James, even if the eyes of those who are living might not be able to see him, perhaps the eyes of one who has already passed would be able to detect him?

5050592 I had this exact same thought about 4 chapters A.D.

5050592 That's assuming his ghost decided to stick around.

5029063 I've been trying to send you a reply to your PM, but it keeps failing. Could you tell me more? I also can't seem to post a comment on your userpage at all.

5053507 Well, if the stories are to be believed, then they stick around because of unfinished business. Just sayin, but I believe he definitely has unfinished business. His final act was proof enough that he had something to be known.

Oh Twi... Isn't it obvious? James was a means to an end for her, but since they, too, can sense emotions like Cadence can, I'm pretty sure she was going to turn him to an immortal being so he can keep feeding the Changelings.

And that's all Chrysalis see him as; a weapon.

Still, even I forgotten about what she told Twi before. But hell do I want to kill Chrissy for looking at us humans so primitively. I hope that bug-whore burns a thousand times over!

I'm curious as to how long this will last...I'm eager to see more of Lost element honestly. this is getting...scary...

Comment posted by Sarachi deleted Jul 21st, 2018

5058429 Uh... Exactly what is so scary about this so far? I wasn't intentionally writing this to be like that.:applejackconfused:

5058444 Referring to :scootangel: 's view point. this is getting kinda dark...considering her viewpoint and such.

Poor Scootaloo. If only you didn't deny it.:fluttercry:

Welp. I'm gonna have to start steeling my nerves and heartstrings when continuing to read this. My mind is ready. But my heart is another matter :fluttercry: it may take a while before my heart is ready.

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