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This is a group dedicated to the HiE story "The Lost Element" and all related side stories and spin-offs. One of the older HiE fanfics, having been started back in July of 2011, The Lost Element has become one of the more popular stories in the fandom of the Human in Equestria genre.

Members are free to discuss anything relevant with the group's purpose among themselves. And as this is the first group I have ever made, I am at a loss of what else to put here. However, due to the permanent disabling of updates on forums and groups by the administrators of the site, I recommend checking back frequently for changes.

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Participation from all members is recommended to keep group active

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Thank you I look forward to reading and talking with u all

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Comment posted by VariusMayhem deleted Oct 5th, 2015

<- is working on a spin-off based off of pony name generator thing.

I may not be good at writing, but I'm getting help on this one! THE TALES OF COPPER ROSE SHALL NOT BE A BAD STORY! But, that's gonna have to wait 'till i'm done with it. Yay!

damm feels.

Looking forward to the next round.

367961 Yeah, but it looks like no one's taking any interest in the forums. I guess it will take a while for the group to catch on.

368030 I guess that's what happens when it doesn't perfectly fit the size limit.

Is it just me or is the banner repeating itself on the right side by a cm once the window is bigger or in full screen? :derpyderp2: If so, what happened?

You did it! Good on ya:raritywink:
I imagined James with Minecraft diamond armour for some reason...

367525 I think a thorough history on how things started up to Nightmare Moon's return sounds about right.

>>Humanity That depends on how you want it to look like: Do you want it to be about war, or where they taught peace to them?

Personally I choose the former, but we can discuss this further in private if you want.

367480 I suppose that's fine. Equestria does have quite a history in The Lost Element. If you want, I can divulge it to you in private. Assuming you're the one who wanted to write it.

>>Humanity A story of lore and legend, that was supposedly true at one point in Equestrian history, before it was taken out, buried, hidden from all because of the darker aspects it started to show.

That kind of thing.

367464 A what exactly?

Say, can we try and make a history story as a spin-off or side story?

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