Lesser Known Authors Unite 308 members · 1,703 stories

For those who have few follows I welcome you. To those new to writing Welcome.

I create this for you all to show off your work. To show it all.

Rules: Be kind and respect others, don't cause flame wars, no racism, even admins are not immune.

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good to be here with all of you

Comment posted by CrystalQueen deleted Aug 2nd, 2018
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A group all about writers that are awesome but don't get featured?! Brad you'd fit in perfect here!

Thanks Wade...Remind me to write in that ball shooting scene.

WHAT?! Oh come on Brad, you know that's out of Charcter for Sunny! Tats said so!

I know but you totally deserve it. I'll just have Octy do it instead

Aw come on Brad, you know you love me!

......You're lucky I have fun writing you...

I like this group already.

Who are you people? :raritydespair:

I'm not even an author yet but I couldn't resist the idea of joining. :rainbowwild:


Hi all! I'm not sure if I'm a lesser known author or not, according to a friend of mine, one of my story's got featured. I have a few finished story's and one I'm working on.

401266 depends but if anything they aren't getting any special treatment or adminships

How many popular authors do you think will still join this group? :rainbowlaugh:

Oh yeah guys can somepony check out this story I wrote, I just wanna know if there's anything i can improve on... It's called Chrome, The Path He Walked.

Really appreciate it if you read it and rate it! Thanks!

Spoiler Alert: It's about an OC villain, do it at your own risk XP

Seems like a cosy place, I like cosy places. :scootangel:

Comment posted by Julia deleted Aug 3rd, 2015

Um...never mind. For whatever reason, it's working now.

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