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Likes Spyro, Gilda, and fanfiction! PM me if you need help with anything fic related. Admin for PCaRG!

Note: I no longer take personal request to look at your story. Not because I don't want to, but because I can never find time to look at it. If you want me to take a look at something of yours, send it via any review groups I'm a contributor/admin of and I'll take a look at it.

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Mug · gun · knee

I plan on getting back into writing soon. Until then, here are some poopy fanfics I've written in past.

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Other than Spyro the Dragon, I'm also a big Gilda fan

If you're scrolling through my page and chance upon this, share any fanart of Gilda you find below. I will recite a prayer in your honor.

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Skylanders Academy: Season 2 - It's Surprisingly Good · 5:29pm Oct 9th, 2017

Last week I posted an announcement exclaiming my excitement to see Cynder become a character in Skylanders Academy -- which mounted up a lot of hype for the show's second season. The only reason why I ever got into it in the first place is because I was excited to see Spyro make his first television debut -- and as the main character, like how it should have been since Spyro's Adventure. The show had really good, colorful animation, a talented cast, and it didn't take itself too

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Your profile pic looks awesome too.

Cuz it does.

Don’t mind me, just a random goy passing by who wants to tell you that your profile pic looks awesome.

Cuz it does :moustache:

Tho... Wouldn't the recoil knock her over if she wasn't braced?

Hello Muggonny, I found you through the group you mentioned above, but I thought you looked familiar and saw that you had commented on The Anvil of Dawn! I feel rather silly for asking as it’s probably not nearly as complicated as I’m finding it to be, but I was curious if there were any openings in PCaRG for The Anvil of Dawn to go into? I’m looking to improve it in any way I can and I feel getting critiques from the best is the most efficient way to do that.

On a side note, and an informal one, I wanted to know what you thought of The Anvil of Dawn as it is now, if you wouldn’t be bothered offering your opinion. Thank you for your time!

2435113 I know, right!? She looks so badass in the pic :raritystarry:

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