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I'm a man of words. Sometimes they're legible.

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    Depressed that she never got her chance to tell Octavia how she felt, Vinyl Scratch joins an experimental program called Project Rita, which supposedly allows anypony to see an alternate future of their relationships.
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Welcome to my profile. I'm out of regular coffee. Will you take instant?

I love you Meeester. Please don't ban me.


Changeling Theory's first act is almost done · 7:33am June 3rd

I'm mostly posting this blog because it's late at night, and I'm in the mood for posting something, so why not this. I'm going to try to conclude Changeling Theory's first act in the next chapter. Be ready, because it's going to be wild. Also, apparently, this is the first fic that I update consistently. So, good thing. Yay! Let's see if I can finish this one.

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I love Plaguedogs' art.

I am a man of taste, as you can see.

GOD BLESS!! God loves you, now and forever.

judging by your avatar I can see you are in individual of culture as well

Seeing your pfp, you like that artist too, I take it.

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