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Likes Spyro, Gilda, and fanfiction! PM me if you need help with anything fic related. Admin for PCaRG!

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Mug · gun · knee

I try to write something at least once a month. Make me feel like my hard work is worth it.

  • TThe Divine Epidemic
    A hip young mare fresh out of college has to leave the perfect job when a goddess tells her she's destined to travel into a sacred forest to free a legendary minotaur from his prison so he can punch another minotaur in the face.
    Muggonny · 4k words · 69 views

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Welcome To My Page!


Other than Spyro the Dragon, I also really like Gilda!

If you're scrolling through my page and chance upon this, share any fanart of Gilda you find below. I will recite a prayer in your honor.


Or Spyro the Dragon, y'know, I don't care. Just make sure it's Spyro/Cynder/SpyroxCynder and I'll be a happy little Annie.

Dragons > Ponies


This is totally metal · 2:24am December 1st

Yo, muh boi Starlicks here just released a new metal cover. Go check it out, or hide back in your hole, you country music swanker!

(I've been meaning to promote The Divine Epidemic in a blog. I should really do that)

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Made that a few years ago, so I decided to keep it as a reminder since it 'kinda' became a meme for a while.

Heh, nice Meeester image. Actually made me laugh. :rainbowlaugh:

Thanks for the fave!

I want to make you a sandwich and bury my fist between the bread, that way when you go for that first bite I can knock your teeth out.

  • Viewing 111 - 115 of 115
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