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White Castle is garbage.


Silverstream receives a package in the mail and is excited to show it to her friends. It's revealed to be an orb-like object called a "Bubble," and it has the ability to connect anycreature worldwide within a magically generated reality. Ocellus takes interest in it.

It's beyond what she could expect.

Made for The Discovery - A Young Six Writing Contest

A very special thanks to Jack of a Few Trades, Freedom, and Odd_Shot for the editing!

Featured on EqD!

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The Book of (Possible) Prophecies foretells the story of a legendary minotaur being freed from his imprisonment so that he can punch another legendary minotaur in the face. On the far southwest corner, edges from being out of reach of the Equestrian border, there is a forest known only to the few who have heard about it (and obviously the inhabitants that live in it) as The Inconclusive Forest. This is the resting place of our hero Bobby the Brave and his Flaming Axe of Awesome™.

Strange Clover, a hip young mare fresh out of college, will have to quit her amazing job when Alias, Goddess of Doubt (and Oracle of [Possible] Prophecies), tells her that she's the one destined to free him. It will be an easygoing journey from here on out! (It won't.)

Featured on EqD! Is that still relevant?

A very special thanks to Curify for being my editor. He makes this story legible.

Dedicated to Obselescence :'(
He's not dead, he's just too gay to be on a pony website.

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This story is a sequel to Thy Little Filly Twi'

The King is dead, long live the obsolete Queen!
The King Lives
After a brave and daring mission into the Dark Part, the darkest realm known to ponykind (or at least in her imagination), Twi has conquered all fears. In doing so, all the shadows in her life are nothing but shade from the sun.
He Will Return
But when the sun is gone, the land is cloaked in shadow, therefore, there is no use running and hiding from it. Twi, though, is too young to understand; Twi wants to understand; Twi will understand.
He Hungers
But does she care? No way! She has more important things to worry about. Like making diplomatic decisions with her daycare friends, joining a gang (also with her daycare friends), and wondering who the heck the dark, mysterious mare is that keeps appearing in her dreams.
His Children Hunger
That said, she's not completely sure the job is done.
He Wanes
The job is far from done.
He Waits
More then she realizes.

Edited by Razalon The Lizardman and Starlix!

*It isn't a requirement to read the original one-shot, but it does add context to why the fic is written in the narrative it's written in.*

**On hiatus until I decide to pick it back up. But don't fret, chapter 1 can be considered a satisfying ending if it comes down to that.

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In a world where fanfiction is a corporation, many earnest writers have tried and failed to bring their ideas to light. Vanilla Decaf, a publisher at FrandfictionCo., is one of these writers. But when she gets promoted to CEO, her whole perspective changes and she knows the path she has to take.

This is her fanfic.

Co-written by Vanilla Decaf. She was the one who came up with this idea.
Edited by Firesight

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Twibil Loop is confronted against the defiance of logic and trapped inside a time loop. Yes, time loop. Suffice too say, this means a war of the mind for her.

Twibil Loop, our dear hero of this tale, will be confronted with something the likes of no other pony could foretell in your average bedtime story. For every loop is different in some way. And she will learn a very important lesson after all the chaos reeks against her own psychological society. In this psychological society, Twibil discovers that there is more to gain of an ability she has. Our dear Twibil Loop will soon learn that it's not just a time loop....

Because once the loop is broken, she will find that it's just the beginning....

Cover art by Swirling Line

Edited by the great an powerful Skittr. This is one of the hardest stories I've had to write so far. Without him, you'd be left reading a story full of errors.

Also, a special thanks to Curious Quill for being my second editor.

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In Equestria, in Canterlot, in the sewers, there is a secret. A secret civilization. A homeless civilization. Together, they strive to survive without home by providing for each other in the simplest of ways, while others take it to the more extreme measures.

When these extreme measures take place, some problems occur. Ponies are getting sick left and right, someone is aware of them, they're running out of supplies. Sometimes you can't help but ask a question. What is hopeless? Does it mean falling into an abyss of dept and sorrow, or can you scurry around it and make it bright again? Is it hopeless?

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This story is a sequel to Thy Little Filly Twi'

'I'm a simple filly with a family that gives no cares in how this world should be ran. I'll tell you how it should be ran. With a whip.'

Story will be getting a proper rewrite soon.

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'This mare is not the mare I asked to be with me during my free time. I ask to be free of bond, and not to be force fed whatever gack they feed me. I'll escape, and I'll show them.'

Read the new sequel!

Written because of this.

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