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Tavi is gone. One day, she packed up all her things and left. Now I'm all alone, and I don't know what to do with myself. There's an ad in the newspaper promoting an experimental program called Project Rita. It says that it allows ponies to see the future of their relationships in alternate realities. Perhaps I could use it to see Tavi again?

1st place winner of the Right Back At It Again! - 2020 Shipping Competition.

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This is amazing! Keep it up! :pinkiehappy:

I found this wonderful story of yours. Nice explanation for how they met all those years ago. Keep up your fantastic work on this amazing tale.

This is incredible. The lead in really hooks you, and that ending is a serious tear jerker. So much love for this story, and that lesson just might be everything I needed to hear right now.

Thank you.

Glad you're enjoying it!

Already done! And thanks for reading. :twilightsmile:

I'm so happy that I could make you cry. In a positive way.

Tavi was going over her sheet music. I was listening to the newest album by Queef Huffers. Yeah, I know. It’s a weird name for a band, but I listened to whatever I can get my hooves on.

Delete this right now.

I cannot delete it because I am bound by law to keep it in.

Well that took a turn for the nightmarish at parts.

Don’t think I didn’t see what you put in this chapter too.

Biggest lie of 2020 right there. Now go chuggony whatever makes you write more excellent stories, writing slave.

I drink the virgin bath water of the haters that bring me down.

Drinking gamer girl bathwater explains a lot about you.

I never said gamer girl. * Tips fedora*

(I'm signed up for a few cam sites)

Ah, a simp lord.

Hello, a review to your story has been posted in the My Little Reviews & Feedback Group. I hope you find it helpful.:twilightsmile:

I'm always thrilled when a writer has the guts to go for the speculative and experimental. I thought those elements in chapter four worked out much to your advantage. The feeling of being trapped inside a simulated alternative reality machine, especially one portraying an alt world as messed up and dysfunctional as Vinyl's, needs that biting edge. Really well done there.

I'm happy that you enjoyed the story!

I've read a lot of Vinyl Scratch stories over the years, most of them written before Season 5, and so using made-up versions of her personality.

This is the best version of canon Vinyl that I have ever read.

Thanks for reading! I'm glad I could write something that you enjoy.

This story reminds me of a really good romance song <3

Hey, that's the song I listened to while writing this story!

Great job, I really enjoyed this chapter and the concept is intriguing.

Thanks! The story is almost complete. I just need to finish editing the last two chapters, and they will be ready.

This was a very nice little chapter, been trying to get back into reading fimfics and your story is one of the few that's really managed to hold my attention these last few weeks. Looking forward to the end and whatever else you choose to write in the future.

I'm really glad that I was able to keep you engaged! I should have more out during the weekend.

Honestly, I don't think any description works for this chapter other than 'masterful'. I very much enjoyed your prose, simple yet full of so much impact. Nicely done.
The theming is also very true to life. Your partner is a compliment, not a missing piece of some life puzzle. They can make life easier and often a lot more interesting but true happiness only comes with self-satisfaction. This is probably the best Octascratch fic I've read in a good while.

Almost sad to see this little story come to a close but it had a hopeful and pleasant ending. Where one door closes another opens, and if nothing else this fic primed me to get back into writing fics again. All in all amazing job and you have one extra follower.

Hey, I'm really glad that you enjoyed the fic, and I'm even glader that it inspired you to write more! I myself have been on hiatus for a good few months, so it warms my soul to see comments like this. I might write something soon. I'm not sure. Either way, I'll definitely keep this comment in mind next time I'm writing a story. :)

I will dropkick you out of existence.

Well this was a sweet little story. I had a hunch things were gonna go way worse than they did, and while I'm kinda disappointed this didn't get quite that dark, it was still properly engaging without feeling disjointed or hard to read.

Are you saying you're gonna make "nice." their FamousLastWords? :trollestia:

I never had it in mind to tell a story that was dark. I never really think about the story tonally until I'm writing it, and even then a too dark of a tone would have misrepresented what I was going for. (I got at least two people suspecting I would write an ending where Vinyl goes to see Octavia in Canterlot. I never had it in mind to do this because although the story has fantastical elements, I wanted there to be a strong touch of reality.)

I'm really happy that you enjoyed the story! I've been short on the writing front recently, so I'm glad that people are still somehow finding this fic that barely has any views. Seriously, I have no idea how people are finding it. It means a lot to see comments!

Are you saying you're gonna make "nice." their FamousLastWords? :trollestia:

No, their last words will be, "Aaaaaaaah!"

That was something interesting for sure. Great job.

Very good first chapter. This is a very common pairing, and one that is often written with some sort of drama. I am glad you glaced over this and went straight to the point of the story.

And a very hooking first 'dream'!

That being said, I feel like Vinyl will eventually regret using the Rita device.

Aaaaand, that is the turning point.

There. That seems un usual enough. Also, Octavia... This is the sort of thing you have to talk with your partner, even if she does not speak much.

For some reason, Vinyl's deadpan "I'm gay" cracked me.



I will be honest, I came here with low expectations. After all, there is a myriad of fanfictions with this pairing, and this is a rather brief one, at that. So, what could it offer?

Well, the answer is above. You presented their relationship, 'ideal' at the beginning, but slowly growing more tense as time passed. Octavia's neverending stream of words and Vinyl's quiet acceptance had me worried at some points, but I ignored it because Vinyl seemed to be happy. Much like the mare herself, until she got tired of Octavia being the one to steer her life.

It is good that she acknowledged, accepted, and embraced the facts. Like Ponyride says, your partner is a compliment. You can find happiness and joy with someone else, or by your own.

Finally, quick snapshots of any character's life always make me feel sad, so now I am gloomy.

Extra points for the hint at a crackship!

Greatly written story love it all so far.


Glad you enjoyed the story!


Well done, great story.

Can't overstate how good this fanfic is, love it!

Really glad that you enjoyed it!

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