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any one who wants to make Antarctica a country join

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351936 Okay, good! Also, I kind of may have accidentally... deleted my thesis paper...
Can I get a copy of one of your backups?


Im the NSA we keep your secrets safe

351923 Sssshhhhhh, don't tell anyone! It's a seeeeeecret!


Did you just reply to yourself?

349956 Don't ask me how or why, cause I don't know.

Why do so few people acknowledge the urgency of this matter? Antartica needs to be a country, or we are all doomed.

Comment posted by CyberCommand deleted Feb 17th, 2014


Because the empire dose not have a "Snow base"

Why are you using a rebel scum of a base as the banner?


314623 no fuck you.


312099 It's actually tropical over here. Oh well.

312073 Its too cold down there...

Nah, Im kidding. I wouldn't have joined the group if I didn't think it should be a country...

Hence the :trollestia:


310123 Why the fuck not?

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