The (Not So) Cynical Creators Guild 230 members · 993 stories

Following the destruction of Asgard the Insane Creators Guild, the dust resettled into this. This group is about promoting and talking about whatever you want, even non-pony stuff! It is open for everyone who wants help with their writing or wants to promote their stories in the group folders.

Refugees from the original group can hang out here and continue where it left off, and newcomers can come join in. If you don't like groups that are random and have a lot of posts, then I wouldn't join. Otherwise kick back and have a fun time!

Asgard has also now been resurrected by the original groups creator:

What can you do in this group?

  • You can post brainstorming threads.
  • You can promote your stories in the forum.
  • You can post stories in the appropriate folders.
  • You can discuss fan theories.
  • You can discuss episodes and movies.
  • You can also post and promote non-pony things and off topic things, too.
  • You can pretty much talk about anything you want in the forums.
  • Remember to keep the topics family friendly!

Group Chat and Steam: We have Skype, Discord, and Steam group links posted here.

Group Rules: You can find the group rules here.

If you are a night owl, we also have a nsfw sister group!

[Adult group embed hidden]

The Admins of this group are:

The Cynical Brony
Doctor Parker
Mystical Rainboom
Darth Jenna The Minty
SweetAI Belle
Officer Hotpants
Ember Q. Discordia

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R.I.P. Miss Uhura, she will be missed. Many a boy's fictional girlfriend XD, aw...:heart:

I don’t forget it exists, but this comment always gives me deja vu.

You know sometimes I forget this comment section exists. Do you? Thumbs up this if you do. :3

I had to bail Rainbow Dash out of jail.

She tried to Out-Pizza the Hut

Anyone excited for the new Mario movie in 2022?

Doom Patrol for August. Nice choice! I love the first season of the show. The second season looks just as nuts!

Wait... I can't perform the group dance... I don't have hips!

Being made from the ashes of a group called The Insane Creator's Guild, I might as well join up (even though I am a surprisingly cynical individual, but since I believe in God and the power of friendship, I'd say I'm less cynical in comparison to a lot of people I know :twilightsmile:). Sign me up and feel free to read my story:

EA series of unfortunate events that leads to another redeemed villain, yay!
Note: The "yay" is sarcastic. Anyways, I think you can guess what this is about by the title.
Leondude · 14k words  ·  23  6 · 1.1k views

And in other news, hot dog, I learned how to embed:pinkiehappy:!

I was out on vacation and missed the apocalypse apparently :twilightoops:. Also to add to your skelle-Ton of dancing bones, have this. :pinkiecrazy:

Yes I'm alive, I'm not that easy to kill

Police box.

This group's profile pic.

Police box.

Magical timey wimey police box.

Same with you with the Nightmare Rarity one I believe! I like to change it up once in a while, thought It was delightfully bookish, heh

Good pic. Just weird. You had that other one for quite a while, as I recall.

I do? In a good way or bad way? :derpytongue2:

Let beauty come ouuut offf asheeeeeess! Let beauty come ooooout offf aaaaasheeeees!

So why do we like Persona 4 so much?

Sorry I'm late. Didn't realize the group was deleted, and I just assumed that the forums were temporarily shut down. Happy to rejoin!

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