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Darth Jenna The Minty

My words of wisdom: Google sucks, Hatsune Miku Created Minecraft, and Be Gay, Do Witchcraft. That is all.

I'm A Proud Democratic Socialist

My Traumatic Origin Story

So, I just kind of dusted out of existence for almost two weeks there, and now I'm back, with a new account, again. There's an explanation for this, I assure you. So, remember how a few weeks back, Google had disabled my google account, but I restored it after a review? That happened, sucked, resolved. Everything's just peachy right?...

Nope. They fucked SOMETHING up. My Gmail account will no longer receive or send emails... At all. I only learned this AFTER logging out of FIMfiction and sending a password reset request, upon realizing 'shit, I forgot the password and the one I wrote down THINKING it was my FIMfiction.net password was actually my FANfiction.net password, so I had no way of getting back in.

I have spent over a week trying to fix it. I've googled it, tried every solution I found, didn't work. Google support? Not helpful at all, they're response was something along the lines of 'just give it a couple days', and well, almost two weeks later... Nothing. At this point, I trust 'em about as far as I can throw a car, which is not at all. So, I am officially done with googles shit. I'm glad I got my youtube stuff and docs back, but I'm fucking done relying on googles shitty email service.

I made a new email from a different provider, changed my Steam over too it, and after a while longer of submitting multiple FIMfiction password reset requests desperately hoping one would go through, which they consistently failed too, I said 'fuck it', and made a new account again. So isn't this delightful, huh? So... Yea. That happened. I'm pissed about it, and honestly worried something bullshit will happen to this one too, because I'm completely traumatized at this point. Just desperately hoping that it works out this time.

So, if that's done... Let's start this from the beginning... One. Last. Time.

The Tragedy of Darth Jenna The Minty

Have you ever heard the tragedy of Darth Jenna the Minty?

It's not a story /rSequelMemes would tell you. It's a /rPrequelMemes legend. Darth Jenna was a Dark Lord of the Prequels, so powerful and so autistic she could use the Memes to influence the normies to sperg. She had such a knowledge of the dank side that she could even keep the memes she cared about from dying. The dank side of the Memes is a pathway to many abilities some would consider to be antisocial.

She became so powerful... the only thing she was afraid of was losing her power level which eventually, of course, she did. Unfortunately she taught her apprentice everything she knew, then her apprentice hacked her account as she slept. It's ironic: she could save other memes from death but not her own.

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Thank you for adding my story to your shelf! :heart:


I'm fairly certain I followed on one of my old accounts and had just forgotten to re-follow until now, so I went ahead and did it.

I follow most of the active guild members.

Thanks for the follow! Might I ask how I earned yours?

Oof, account kerfuffle again? Well, thanks for remembering me, Jenna!

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