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A college trained writer who is now back to honing his craft after graduating. Tends to write fantasy and science fiction. Also very shy! Who wants a muffin!?

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What's this!? A new chapter!? · 4:33am Nov 25th, 2020

*Coughs and clears dust off of his page*

IT'S BEEN TEN THOUSAND YEAAAARRRSSSSS.... *looks at calender* No, wait... two years. Yes, yes two years.

Anyway, so, uh, life has been... *fun* for me? I won't bore you with the details, because honestly my "fun" isn't really all that bad. I moved, and it threw my muse off-track and it's taken me an age and a half to get it back.

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Omg you responded...yay!:pinkiehappy:
would ya kindly follow me so you'll able to see whenever my stories or blogs get posted on here.

p.s: here's a little bit more info on blueblood's character
he plays a very pivotal role in later half of love between brothers (The title's misleading on purpose!) while blue forms a relationship with flash sentry's 'fandom' younger brother first base.
also has a 'legit' bat pony daughter:rainbowhuh:

it's a tetralogy (which means five in Greek) musical fic.

this message was written on Saturday of jan.2nd

Heya ;3 glad to see your comment!

To the author - hi👋 we chatted on DA.
hopefully you see this message & reply back:unsuresweetie:
it's your choice, no pressure:twilightsmile:

Thank you for the favorite and please don’t forget to upvote too! I hope you like the rest of my stories!

I love both of them to death <3

  • Viewing 99 - 103 of 103
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