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A college trained writer who is now back to honing his craft after graduating. Tends to write fantasy and science fiction. Also very shy! Who wants a muffin!?

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Troubles and emergency commissions. · 5:04am January 20th

So, honestly I didn't think I'd be posting a thing here about this sorta stuff, but times are insane, aren't they? For those of you who don't want to read the long answer, I'll give you the short of it here: We're in a lot of financial trouble right now, my family and I. 2020 onward hasn't been kind to us, and while we'd been hanging on by the skin of our teeth, our grip has faltered and now we're looking at potentially losing our house, having to put down our dogs, and moving out.

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I'm glad you like the second chapter. I hope you will like the third as well. So far that is my favorite as I had to make the world sound unique in how it handles the after life.

Well so far I am enjoying it! I was laughing when Loki showed up, and was surprised. I'd thought perhaps the mysterious stranger was going to be Odin since he often roams around as a cloaked and hooded old traveler. But Loki giving AJ a book made sense, wants the screw with Thor. Or perhaps get him to stop moping, who knows.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand thank you so much for also having added Valhalla to your favorites! I hope you continue to enjoy it as more chapters comes out. :ajsmug:

Of course! I never hold early stories against the author for their mistakes. Heck, if you go look at my first story, Memories of Midnight, I think you'll find it to be full of far worse mistakes than The Farmer & The God!

Thank you so much for adding my very first story, The Farmer & The God, to your favorites. It means a lot to me, and I hope you will forgive my rookie mistakes. Haha. :rainbowlaugh:

  • Viewing 107 - 111 of 111
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