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A college trained writer who is now back to honing his craft after graduating. Tends to write fantasy and science fiction. Also very shy! Who wants a muffin!?


A.K. Yearling, known as Daring-Do in the world of explorers and adventurers, and her friend Leaf Wind are assigned a task by Princess Luna to travel to Saddle Arabia and search for an ancient and presumed destroyed library. What they discover beneath the shifting and sweltering sands may very well redefine the history of Equestria, it might even possibly define its future. One thing's for sure, though, Leaf and Daring's relationship will never be the same.

Takes place around the same time as Witching Hour's story "Steady as She Flies" as well as the end of Calm Wind's story "Flying Sky High"

Chapters (12)
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:scootangel: As I've stated before, awesome times!


You're just enjoying Leaf being sassy and sarcastic at Daring :trollestia:

:eeyup: How could anyone NOT enjoy that? :twistnerd:

There was Luna, Cadence, and a mysterious unicorn mare?!


Indeed! That was Luna and Cadence! But, what part do they play in all this, and who is that Unicorn Mare?

I hope its properly mysterious and such xD

6353813 It is XD I'm coming up with crazy theories right now ;P


Well, good to know that it at least is providing grounds for wild theories! Of course, wild theories and 'what if's are a totally normal day for me :pinkiecrazy:


Imma be over here... Makin' this face: :trollestia:

Awwww they're SOOO cute together!!!

Luna had said the books weren’t for her. They were for his sister? What in the name all the rare plants in Equestria does she need them for? Shaking his head, he files it away in his mind under ‘things to ask Witchy later’

Her sister


Nope, that isn't a typo.

Leaf has a sister :twilightsheepish:


Nope, that isn't a typo.

Leaf has a sister :twilightsheepish:

6389043 …………I feel stupid. Reading back, I must've missed the 'Thine' from Luna, I thought it said 'our' (I have a bad habit of reading a little too fast). :ajsleepy: sowy :twilightblush:


Please, no reason to apologize!

Besides...I don't think Celestia is in any shape to read. You sort of need to have a physical body to turn the pages.

6389141 Thanks!!
…guess ur right, didn't think about that actually

Always happy to help my partner in crime, I mean coconspirator! :scootangel:

And in the mean time, I'll go back over here and make this face: :trollestia:.

And Daring was only a reserve, what in the name of Celestia were the full-time Wonderbolts like?

………you don't wanna know…


Oh yeah, that mare should meet Silver >;3

Who I did reference xD

6411196 Oh yeah, that something something drill instructor XD


Well, I had to sneak my favorite cranky drill sergeant in somewhere!


That's okay Witch, I'm over in a corner in your story making the same face :trollestia:

News spreads fast XD Specially if it's about Darings coltfriend ;P


Gossip is a real pain in the flank, isn't it?

Ooohohoho, this is looking like it is going to be a good one :D
I love Daring Do, she's so cool, and needs more screen time D'x

Awesome job on this, and good work.
Ima
also, thumbs *throws*

Awwww, that bit near the end with the rose was cute.
I like this a lot, its going really well and I like how you have written out the characters.

This Librarian, I was a bit scared for a bit, that it was going to be evil, but nope. He's chill :yay:
Keep it up!

This is adorable and I love it. They're so flipping cute man, jeebus.
This won't end well though, I think Daring is going to wake up sad... very sad, in a way.

Nicely done... nicely done.


Thank you kindly! I've put a lot of effort into this story, as has my editor Witching Hour, and I am quite proud of it.

And yeah, Daring needs more screen time! She is an awesome character and she deserves to be shown a little more often.

Suffice to say, even after this story ends, I'll still be using her in my other stories.


Yeah, you don't know how much you need or love something until it is just outside your reach.

Hmm, Daring as a Part time Wonderbolt?
Hmm... I like this headcanon... eue

Awesomely done!
Daring is freaking bawss! :yay:

Good lord xD hehehehe, not even telling him how she feels and already ponies are speaking of weddings xD
Nice, nice.

Good job on this!


Yup! Daring is an Wonderbolts Reserve! I did this for two reason, actually. First was because I wanted to have an excuse to shamelessly copy a line from Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull. The second was because the Wonderbolts accept only the best Pegasi, and Daring is one of the best.

Great story so far, and loving the references you've put in. Princess bride in this chapter, and Dr Mccoy from Star trek in the last two.


Writing McCoy was a lot of fun, as I grew up with TOS movies :twilightsmile:

6441192 You're welcome kindly! :D I can tell, its really good and I can't wait for the next chapter.
She does, so cool D'x
Yay! :D

6441234 That is so true, it hurts ;v;

6441369 ehehehehehe, awesome! :rainbowkiss:
I approve! And she is the best!

And Leaf's Stallion Pad remains an unexplored Final Frontier for mares... :trollestia:


I fear the away team was gold, that's bad luck in the TNG!

And Leaf is red! That's bad luck in TOS!

Oh, such a rocky start for the HMS DaringLeaf, its seven year mission to explore strange new places, to seek out old artifacts and ancient civilizations, TO BOLD GO WHERE NO PONY HAS GONE BEFORE! :trollestia:

The whole time, I was like, bump into Dash COME ON BUMP INTO DASH XD
Come on Daring…CONFESS
(I'm a little hyperactive today :3)


I don't know if Dash is at the compound right now, truth be told, since this takes place shortly after Dash and Soarin defeated the Shadowbolts at their compound.

I'd have to re-read the last chapter of FSH to figure out if she can bump into her xD and I just didn't yet.

6443734 oh ok. It's no problem I was just wondering ;)


No problem!

Though, that said they might meet someday!

But, then, I ain't telling. :trollestia:

You know, most of the times when I go hunting for a good Daring Do story, I look for action adventure and the occasional one-liner. Reading a romance story with Daring Do featured in it is a new one for me. :moustache:

I'll be blunt, I really enjoy the banter between Leaf Wind and Daring. If drastic measures haven't been taken yet, then they should be. :pinkiecrazy:

Keep up the good work, I look forward to reading more. :twilightsmile:

and i pressume bones is based off colgate or minutte? and awesome story its been giving me goose bumps :3 i love it so far?


Actually, Bones is based off of the character Doctor Lenard McCoy from Star Trek, orignonally played by DeForest Kelley.

The whole scene at the end of the chapter, where he is talking about his wife taking half of Equestria in the divorce, comes from this scene though, in which Dr McCoy is played by Karl Urban



I am currently working on the latest chapter, it's just taking me a short bit due to having taken a break and life getting in the way :3


It'll be out this week, if not in the next two days. So you won't have to wait long :pinkiesmile:

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