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This story is a sequel to Head in the Clouds

Written for a small group contest. (Placed 1st! Thank you all for the support!)

Rainbow Dash and Soarin are extremely unsatisfied with how they left their relationship upon parting ways. Friends with benefits sounds nice, but once apart they both realize just how much the other means to them. Unfortunately now neither are in a position to confront the other and reveal what pulls at both their hearts: Love.

Soarin may be duty bound and unable to act, but Dash jumps at an opportunity that could turn their relationship into the direction they both truly want. A story of not accepting barriers. True love exists on all levels and distances.

(Note: this story was admittedly rushed for a contest. Looking back on it now, there are some inconsistencies, such as some of Dash's abilities. The end may seem a bit squished as well. I apologize in advance)

Edited by: Kestrel He did an awesome job :) featuring in chapter art by foxenawolf, eveyannie, PenumbraGlow0290 Deviantart: bonnama, and SpicedDemon (Commisioned for me by PlayBitz)

Chapter 11 animation done by: HarlenBooks, Equestrian Airship Productions

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:rainbowderp: intruiging, hmm ill follow this and see where it goes, i hope its as good as its prequel!:twilightsmile:


it's gonna be hard to top, but i'll do my best:twilightsmile:

Yay I loved Head in the clouds so much, made me cry even! I just would wish you would have wrote more!


I didn't have a job when I wrote head in the clouds :fluttershyouch: so I was able to write very long chapters. I have less time to write now, so I'm gonna be keeping these chapters shorter for more frequent updates instead :eeyup:

I love it. have a like and fav. :eeyup:

Looking forward to more man! Keep up the good work.

Oh also! Who was the one mare in Head in The clouds who was creeping on soarin while nearly killing him? XD i loved her so much. She reminds me of this girl I sit next to on the bus 0.0 wish me luck


The mare you are referring to is Nightshade :pinkiecrazy:

She along with Descent (big burley shadowbolt) and Starry skies (less crazy mare) were inspired by an artist blog (Pluckyninja) called Sexy spitfire (lol :rainbowwild:) where Spitfire and Soarin engage three shadowbolts. i believe nightshade and starry skies are actually the names of the two mares the artist used, but Descent (besides the name, he actually is a fan named character from the very first episode) was my own creation to contrast with Soarin. There was a big stallion in the artists version, but it wasn't descent.

anyway, rambling,

if you know a girl like my version of nightshade, godspeed my friend :rainbowderp:

I remember the shadowbolt encounter from the first deal with nightmare moon. I might check out that other author to see if they have any less intimate... Yeah. The girl isn't that crazy although I laughed my head off at your comment. She is pretty awesome though. Godspeed to you as well my friend. Night!

I think Spitfire still has some feelings over Soarin.

Every single SoarinDash I read with Spitfire, Spitfire is always jealous


Scratch what I said before >_< I didn't even word my response right.

I don't think I did a good job conveying it in the chapter, she is not in love with Soarin. This will not be a love triangle. It was meant more to show that she has some of her own bottled up desires and emotions.

Just seeing Soarin act in such away reminded her of some things bothering her.

Hopefully it will make better sense as it goes on.


Perhaps, but I plan for it not to be the typical: soarin dash spitfire triangle most soarindash fics do.

It's not what most people will think it will be that's all I'm gonna say :raritywink:

I really do hope this isn't going to become some huge cliche story like I've seen in so many others, because I really do enjoy the story so far.

4151829 No offense and no disrespect, but I'm more of a Soarin X Spitfire.


Believe me, it won't. I'm already kicking myself in the face a little because I don't think I made it clear enough in the chapter.

Spitfire is NOT jealous that Soarin is in love with Dash. I'm playing into an emotional/jealousy theme,

But this is NOT a love triangle. My intention was to give some insight into Spitfire's emotions that she usually keeps at bay for professional reasons, which will be relevant later in the story.

I hope I can make it clearer as I go on :fluttershyouch:


None taken :twilightsmile:

To each their own. I'm actually a small soarinfire fan myself. The only reason I prefer soarindash is because dash is my fav mare and Soarin is my fav stallion. So soarindash is just very convenient for me :rainbowlaugh:

4152083 Soarin and Spitfire are like best friends and best friends leads into romance.


At times yes, but not always. Sometimes childhood friends are worried that trying a relationship could ruin their friendship should things go wrong.

I have experienced this (the attempt at least) in the end we decided against it because we felt more like siblings than anything else.

This is how Spitfire views it in my storyline at least, I think I may have not made that clear enough in the chapter, hopefully I can fix that as I go on :fluttershyouch:

Talk to me baby XD I couldint stop laughing! :pinkiehappy: :rainbowlaugh:


Gave myself a laugh when I thought of that one too :rainbowlaugh:

YOU STOP IT NOW??!!!!!! NOW??!!!!!! :flutterrage:


Heehee :pinkiecrazy:

Gotta love suspense eh? :scootangel:

4175471 We have been angered. (They really need a Luna emoji here. Like, badly.)

Love it!:twilightsmile:
Cliff hanger's a killer though


Gotta keep the readers on the edge of their seat with their face pressed to the screen :rainbowlaugh::rainbowkiss:

I used to write upwards of 10,000 to 20,000 words per chapter/one shot. I switched because I felt like I was shoving to many words down a reader's throat at once/turning away those who wanted a faster read.

It gives a little more publicity too, getting put on the recent updates on the front page more often. No worries though, I need to have this story done by mid May for the contest I'm entering it into, so updates will be very frequent :rainbowdetermined2:

God dammit dem cliffhangers.... :ajbemused:


Or I kill you :pinkiecrazy:

Rapidfire... out of all the instances of him, yours is the only version I want to punch.


In the face.

With a 105mm howitzer.

...dammit Pinkie.

So... Spitty wants a stallion?

Screw it... send her my address.

No dress or suit, but this is how the night will go...

...or she's going to see him dancing with another mare, smiling at her as he does so. What Dash won't know, is that he's just doing it to keep up appearances, not because he likes the mare. Cue Dash running away crying her eyes out, and that sleazeball Rapidfire following to 'comfort' her.


Stay thy knife my friend :rainbowderp:

Won't be long:rainbowdetermined2:


At first I was going to make Rapidfire into the stallion that has things figured out and who Soarin confides in. But then I realized that would be boring and there would be little conflict.

So I made him a stuck up douche xD I have nothing against him or what little is known of him in the show, it was all for story and character balance sake :eeyup:

Yes spitfire is lonely. I almost screamed at myself after the second chapter though because I DID NOT want to give off the vibes that Spitfire secretly likes Soarin and I kinda did. It will all play a role coming foreword :eeyup:

And nice try, but not quite :moustache: the plot going forward is going to have some twists that I'm more than certain no one will see coming :rainbowdetermined2:

4186970 Lulz, but I do like Lucky424's very very aweso-....very cruel idea xD

But seriously, I wanna see Rapidfire do something like he did in 'Head in the Clouds' again to Dashie :pinkiecrazy: cuz I love.....evilnesssssssssss :pinkiecrazy: seriously, I like evil.....
ME WANNA SEE DEM PLOT TWISTS :0 :pinkiegasp: :pinkiegasp: :pinkiegasp:


Cuz I'm very VERY impatient :twilightangry2:

Oh, and cookies...... :pinkiehappy:


Haha oh don't worry there is plenty more on the way :raritywink:



The next chapter is already half done :pinkiecrazy:


U better PLZ me with ze next chapter.....or, you'll regret the day you wrote that chapter :flutterrage: :twilightangry2:

Gahhhh......I seriously want something soooo....'plot twisty' xD
:raritystarry: seriously though, 'head in the clouds'.....peaceful civilization one minute....chaotic atmosphere and evilness in the second minute :rainbowlaugh:
It BETTER be more awesome in this story.........I'm already planning my TNT explosion near your house :pinkiecrazy:
Gawd, if I could make a million accounts, I would favorite this a million times :pinkiehappy: :twilightsmile: :rainbowkiss:

So....pweeze update and PLZ me.... :pinkiesad2:


It's gonna be hard to top head in the clouds :rainbowlaugh: but I'm gonna try:rainbowdetermined2:


You ARE the bombs :pinkiegasp:

4187939 plot twist?

No........YOU'RE DA BOMB!!!!!!!! :rainbowlaugh:

Gawd......don't know how long I can wait.... :applecry:

Oh, and thank you....wait....thank YOU!

You are so evil. You better finish the next chapter soon.

Curse you and your cliff hangars you horrible person!
...joking, your stories are amazing and I need a new update...


Hehe I love suspense ;)


You could say I like to leave people hanging :moustache: (on cliffs)


4189561 I did. But I am still angry about the cliffhanger. Don't try to change the subject. When's the next chapter coming?


I have you ready to come at me guns blazing if I don't update :rainbowlaugh: so I'm definitely doing it right :raritywink:

4189589 You got the first part right. *mutters at the helper in the asylum, "Do you have any guns here?"* :pinkiecrazy: PROPHECY ALERT, PROPHECY ALERT, I AM SEEING THE FUTURE!!

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