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Soarin is concerned after his girlfriend, Rainbow Dash, doesn't show up to Wonderbolts practice. He has called her numerous times, and all of his texts have been left unread. Spitfire is ready to berate her when she does show up, but Soarin is more concerned that she's even late at all. Rainbow Dash is never late.

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Excellent Chatter 1 keep up the good work

I love this, can't wait to see more :rainbowkiss:

thank you. more will come soon :twilightsmile:



I wonder what’ll happen next. :rainbowderp:

I am going to try to update a new chapter every day. TRY TO. don't know if that will happen. but whats to come is some good wholsomeness

THIS IS AWESOME! Keep up the great work!

You’re welcome! Can’t wait to see what happens next!

Awe, this was so sweet! :) I feel so bad for Soarin.

I did my best to make this chapter as sweet as possible. :pinkiehappy: work on the next chapter has already started and its super duper cute

Poor Dash! I'm glad she has such a good support system now. :)

Yes, I tried to make the abuse story sound as little cliche as possible and not over-exaggerate it. Of course there will be more about it in the future but this was the opener to it.

Protective boyfriend to the rescue!
Also the line "Soarin rushed into the hospital, getting a few displeased looks from the other workers, but he didn't care, he had some pink eyes to look into" was the best thing I've heard all day. Amazing as always!

thank you very much :twilightblush::twilightsmile:

This was definitely a heartwarming chapter. I love it! Keep up the great work!

A very sweet chapter. I love where it’s headed. Keep up the awesome work!

Beautiful! Absolutely beautiful! Love the hard work and effort in this chapter! :D :twilightsmile:

Awe Fleet's reaction upon seeing Dash was everything! Loved it! :)

The fact that soarin hits his head on a lot of stuff in the compound reminds me of a scene in the first uncharted game where Nathan Drake says "Im always careful" and immediately hits his head

So... I take it you couldn't come up with a fancy title for chapter eight?

yes he does, I'm soooo into writing all the mushy stuff :twilightblush:

PFFFFFFFFF thank you for reminding me!!!:twilightblush::rainbowlaugh:

Well, with how short his Dashie was,

that is my weakness 🥲

I like to suck people in with cute mushy stuff and then BAM serious topic and draws them in more :pinkiecrazy:

I can’t with all the short Rainbow Dash jokes! :) Also we stan Soarin and his family!

I loved writing the playful sibling banter that Soarin has with Sunflower. others might see it as mean but honestly, it's what siblings actually do lol. I wanna write more of Soarin and Sunflower, maybe in some none plot line devoted chapter. I also have something specific in mind for Soarin and Stratus that brings a whole new perspective to their brotherly love. but that will come later on in the story.

I don't know when the next chapter will be coming out. I will probably go back to writing the shorter chapters to hold onto my sanity lol. :twilightsheepish::yay:

Aww that sounds awesome! Also yes, do hold onto your sanity lmao. :rainbowlaugh:

When Soarin was visiting the kids, I was thinking of the scene in Star Wars; Attack of the Clones when Obi-wan goes to see Yoda, and Yoda teases him when he says "lost a planet, Obi-wan has. How embarrassing."

lol not gonna lie I was tired and just woke up and thought you said "Anikin" instead of obi-wan and thought you were going somewhere else with that :rainbowlaugh:

Im WAYYYYY into writing fluff its like my favorit thing to write

Well it's lovely every time! :)

Such a sweet chapter. Love it.

Floofy chapter! That was a sweet one, and certainly a heart warming scene. In fact, this one alone could probably keep the wendigos at bay for a few years on its own.

aww yeah i love writing the fluff i wanna dedicate a chapter to just pure fluff at some point

Awe, I hope this gets easier for Dash, but I know Soarin will always be there for her! :)

That was definitely one of the sweetest chapters I've ever read before. Keep up the awesome work!

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