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Sketchy Changeling

Writer, artist, YouTuber. Like my work? Consider commissioning art from me (details on my user page) or supporting me on Patreon.

Writing Status

Currently working on: MOA: Alternate Perspectives - Chapter 13
Progress: 2/4


0/4 - Haven't started
1/4 - Started
2/4 - Halfway done
3/4 - Almost done
3.5/4 - Done, and is currently being edited.

My Stories


A Fan Favorite · 8:15pm Nov 30th, 2017

So, in between commissions, I like to do some personal pieces to give myself a chance to relax. Recently I got the idea to revisit a fan favorite character from my (arguably) most popular story on this site.

Honey Pot

Just as a refresher, here's what she looked like back in the day.

Now, here's what she looks like after a well-needed update:

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I mean, I got the same OC lol.

are you the same sketchy from YouTube?

No lie man, I had no idea you were still on here. You’re a pretty cool content creator! Take all my love you changeling!

Great name Sketchy, rock on!


Sketchy you videos are really good is it possible to give me a shoutout on you in one of your videos in the future they are really good and it makes my day everyday and you are a good YouTuber enjoy the rest of you day

From, M Shadows

P.s that is my brony name on this site

I figured. I would suggest some ideas for some short comics but I'm broke af. XD

Commissions, comics, and personal projects, and occasional collabs with good friends. No requests tho,


I take it you only do commissions?

I mean, if that's how they approach their work, then that's their choice, tbh.

And yes, while I am more interested in video making than fanfiction these days, my main focus is my artwork. I'm a full-time artist now, so that's where the bulk of my free time goes.

Youtube mainly? On an unrelated note, it is nice to see a brony analyst who's not afraid to swear in their videos. I've seen a few rift cafe members online who, for some reason, is afraid of a little profanity, you know?

Nah, I've just been interested in other things these days.

Busy with real-life struggles? Understandable.

Yeah, not really as active on this site as I used to be.

Mostly just wanted to say Hi, not very often we get Analysts on this site. At least, as far as I know.

It's fine. Better late than never.

Not much. Sorry for the late reply

I think I'd be cool with that. If it's cool, I'd like to look over the story before it's published.

  • Viewing 172 - 191 of 191
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