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Welcome! This is a group dedicated to stories which involve our favourite couple Shining Armour and Cadence as primary or secondary characters.

Anything rated 'Mature'/'NSFW' should be put in the Mature folder.

Any stories which are valid for this group, but are in the wrong folder will be moved. Any stories which have absolutely NOTHING to do with Shining Armour and Cadence will be removed, no exceptions.


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I was looking for a group like this.....

Hey everybody! :heart:

Hey, just joined:pinkiehappy:

Done, the tittle is "Celestia's Tiny Student"

Shining Armor have minor appearance in chapter 3 ( I think ), but their major appearance is in chapter r 7 and 8.

Just saying to save you troubles of reading entire story just to judge it do it can belong to this group or not.

330678 Add it there right now. I'll take care of it when the folder is added.


Should I add it to Shining Armor/Cadence folder then, or wait for you to make a new folder and add it here, and you will decide do it should stay there, be removed or moved to another.

Chapter 7 and 8 are where both Cadence and Shining Armor have their first major apperances.

( They are not background characters, they are support ones ).

330638 Right now, if they are more than a background, then it is fine. Though, I'm starting to think about adding another folder for them being partial characters and the rest are for if they are main characters.

I have a story where Cadence and Shining Armor are support characters and where they will start to love one another before the royal wedding part, however Cadence appear on chapter 7 and just like shining armor, she is support character.
Do it is okay if I add it here ?

327341 There is one fic, Softening the Stone, which has Spike calling Cadence "Aunty Cadie". Cadence is only a supporting character there, though.

For my nest post I was actually planning to discuss the relationship between Cadence and Spike so I read Heart to Heart. But If you know of any others stories that focus on their relationship, I'd love to hear them.

326883 How about some discussions about some fics involving her?

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