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Damn. I am the one who used to own this page. I can defonatly say. WOW I WAS SO CRINGY. I can honestly laugh so hard at my old self. I was so young and confused and so...what's the word... naive. Like hot damn I was a hot mess of pretty much rage and hatred and sadness. But honestly now i can say with a whole heart I've changed for the better. I actually even hate lying now more then anything because of this whole thing, and people who know me defonatly know this for sure. My boss has even told me if their is ever anything wrong or somebody blames me for somthing they say I did on purpose, he doesnt beliv them because he knows just how much of an honest person I am. I know it sounds like I'm driving this home but in all honesty its is nice to know there are people who care about me now. Back then I didnt really feel like anyone cared but once I left all the toxic people in my life behind and embraced who I really was it was so...i cant even come up with another word for super awsome fantabulous. I started to enjoy life.

You've been a bad boy. :rainbowkiss:

1465892 Basically, this account is an alt of bloodwing01's that she made to try to get sympathy from people on here. She's lied a fair amount of times about who she is on both of her accounts, and only came clean a few days ago. In a blog post on her bloodwing account, she confessed to having lied about pretty much everything that she claimed to be on this account, saying that the people she invented on here were based on people in her real life. As far as harassment goes, from what she's said to me, she isn't the one harassing people. She claims that there were people who sent her hate PMs because she lied about who she was, but I also know that she has repeatedly tried to defend her lies to other people as well as trying to get them to advertise the blog post with her confession. Since I haven't actually seen any of these supposed hate PMs, I can't really tell you who is harassing who for sure. From what I can guess, there are probably faults on both sides. Hope this helped clear up a few things.

1465892 best thing I'd say is check out blogs.


1468190 That's their business, really. If you ask for your account to be banned, I'm not exactly going to question it.


1468174 User requested ban.

1465892 What happened to this user?



Can someone give me an abridged version of what's going on between rainbowangel and the people she's been "harassing"? I've already sent a warning to this bloodwing account but my understanding of what exactly's going on here is pretty limited. I'd greatly appreciate being brought up to speed so I know if there's anything else I need to do.

How about Not sticking your nose where it doesn't belong? You say you didn't know RA but suddenly your writing her story now, and posting it... and your defending her? why?

Oh well thats a pretty easy answer right there. And you know it.

I'm done. I've had enough.

UUUUUURRRRRHHHH why does everyone think I'm someone I'm not, I don't get it I came on this sit to make friends and stand up for those how need it, but know I'm only here a day and everyone is accusing me of being someone I barley know, why is this happening, my writing style cant be that smiler to hers, I'm just a regular 13 year old girl trying to get away from things bad and mean and bullies but know i just see that I'm be bullied ether way here and at school :raritycry::raritycry::raritycry::raritycry::fluttershbad::fluttershbad::fluttershbad::fluttershbad::fluttershbad::fluttercry::fluttercry::fluttercry::fluttercry::fluttercry:


Ok. This has gone on long enough. Your not fooling anyone. Especially with you sprouting up all these little accounts. Enough is enough. you WILL not talk that way to my fiancee. understand? Its obvious to everyone except yourself. You're not fooling anyone by changing your user name. We all recognize your writing style and simply what you did here was absolutely uncalled for... Do you understand?

How about you Act your age and stop harassing people? Stop lying!

Same spelling mistakes, same typos, grammar style.. and all I need to do is run an IP address search and Wham... done. Enough. Stop, do you understand?

wow RainbowAngel that was so brave of you to say that you stayed absolutely calm when she just out right yelled at you, i think that is amazing :raritystarry: i would have satyed calm i would have snapped back and yelled:derpytongue2:

that was a little harsh of you to say don't you think i mean what if I lied to you about something but hay what does a 13 year old girl no i wouldn't expect an adult to understand how kids act or work and the resons why they do things would you understand that a kid would lie to get attention cus they need it yeah of corse you do all kids need attention but do they all get it.... no, no they don't look i am trying to say is maby act a little bit more oh i don't know adult like of this i wouldn't expect to see an adult go on this nice womens page and say something like she is a lying little snot
but hay what do i know im just a 13 year old you would back talk to a little kid would you :ajbemused:

thank u for the follow:twilightsmile:

okay if that is what you wish and i agree with you bliss Bitz is a great person he is a wonderful person he is doing whats right but Calm winds is giving me a second chance to be honest and tell the truth you have every right to come on my page and say that because i offended you and the possy greatly i respect you for doing this i am trying to turn my life around forget all my past but it is very hard to do that when every turn is just something that reminds me of my past i have had it hard in my life but hay you don't have to believe that im am just telling you that what you are reading is one hundred present true but you don't have to believe me i just wanted you to know that i respect you and all the possy greatly they showed me that its not okay what i did and Calm is helping with being honest greatly and i will respect yours and Bitz wishes by not speaking to you this will be the only thing i say to you unless you respond but i promise you i will respect you wishes and leave you alone but Calm is the one willing to give me a second chance and i am doing my best to make the best of that second chance to prove to him that i can tell the truth had be honest and like i said you don not have to believe a word i say and all i wish is for you to know that i respect you greatly.

Listen, you lying little snot. I have just about HAD it with you. Leave the Posse ALONE. They do not want to talk to you. Everything that comes out of your mouth are lies and we are all tired of you trying to drag on your dying pity party. They are trying to be the bigger people here by ignoring you, but since that has not worked, I'm taking action.
I care about these people. ALOT.
You DO NOT mess with those I care about.
They ignore you because they do not want to talk to you.
They don't believe you, and with good reason.
You are nothing but an attention seeking little troll.
You are sick. You are truly sick in the head if you have to make up all these wild stories to gain sympathy from this unsuspecting and dear-hearted community.
You need to grow up, re-evaluate your life and do something productive.
Leave my friends alone. They don't deserve the crap you put them through.
Stay the hell away from my fiance, like he asked you too. He is a great man and you aren't worthy of his sympathy.
And don't even bother responding to this.
I could care less what you have to say. You don't even register.
I'm only speaking on behalf of those I care about.

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