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Dark Willow

a 21 year old mexican who likes ponies, gaming, and the occasional annoyance to the human mass

what to know about me bato (bio)

real name: Ivan
age: 21
location: Georgia, USA
ethnic: mexican-american
favorite pony: fluttershy
favorite princess: princess luna
Big wrestling fan. Watch New Japan Pro Wrestling
favorite show: Youtube/Netflix

Wrestling is cool

inspiration room


Represent Georgia


Hi · 5:13am Oct 19th, 2019

Long time no see. Im now usually on reading whatever catches my eye on here. I just lurk. That's all

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Ive been doing ok. I haven't forgotten about you. I'm pretty much on often just reading stuff and not saying much.

Hey Dark Willow, it’s Sango. I know you may not remember me, but just wanted to stop by your profile to say hi. It’s been a long long time. Hope you’re doing okay in life.

Comment posted by Lazzari deleted Feb 10th, 2022

Heh.... heheheheh.... Hi :rainbowkiss::heart:😘

No wonder. I've known you since 2014.

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