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This group is dedicated to helping start up YouTube channels. Anything from video game walkthroughs, top 10 lists, tips, vlogs, reviews, and anything else you can think of this group will help you get your channel started and on its way to greatness! We are in need of veteran YouTube to help out so if anyone has experience in creating and managing YouTube channels please PM me. But if you need help or advice just post a form.


1. No bullying! I don't care if you think someone's channel is stupid or if you just want to make fun of them if the author of post reports it the person bullying will be band. NO personal attacks on anyone. If you feel you are being bullied PM the admits and they will decide the best course of action. If you begin to get PM form someone one the group do PM admits so they can be banned and tell the site admits and block the person bullying you. We will take both sides into account and judge by the evident s given. So be polite.

2. No spamming.

3. If you are wanting to promote your channel you must help others who are struggling with their channels. Just give them advice and ideas for them to use to help with their channel. We wont get onto you for promoting your channel, but if you are just constantly promoting yourself and not helping anyone steps will be taken. We are all here to help one another.

4: We do not want to ban anyone, but if we feel like someone is being bullied or attacked we will do what is necessary for everyone. You will be given two warring and if you bully or attack someone a third time you will be banned. Now say if you're on your third warning and prove you can be a constructive member of the group you will have one warning removed, but if you repeat this cycle of being good at the last warring you will be banned. If you are at rick for a ban, you will receive a PM. You will have one week to tell the admit you believe you have been falsely accused. You will receive a PM if you have been banned to inform you.

5: All false reports of bullying will result in a 2 warring then banned. Asking if something was an attack is not an accusation. An accusation is running a run to an admin screaming about a bully and we can not find a deleted comment by them to even suggest they were bullying someone.

7: Admits have final say in bans. So throwing fits at admit to ban or unban someone will get you no where
6. A ban can be lifted, but you must PM a admit and show you willing to work to be aloud back in the group.

Rules for Critiquing:

1. When critiquing use constructive criticism. This means if it's something they can't help like looks or voice(unless its saying use a tone for video like high pitch or low voice), ect. so please don't point it out we are not here to make fun of people. Also when critiquing explain what you mean we don't want anything taken out of context.

2: When critiqued we encourage being mature about what you have been critiqued on. Ask why you where critiqued on things, but please don't be childish.

3: Every critique should have one improve (something to work on) and one substain (something to keep doing). One each is the minimum but as many as possible to help out the one being critiqued. Not every video of perfect, not every every video is bad, but find the good and bad in all videos given to critiqued.

4: Everyone is aloud to add their opinions to help someone with their videos as long as it is constructive.

Rules for Getting Critiqued:

1: You asked to get critiqued. Therefore, personal attacks against those critiquing is against the rules a long with retaliation against personal attack will be dealt with.

2: If confused over why something was critiqued ask.

This rule applies to both people who critique and those who ask to be: If personal attracts happen report to admit eminently. Do not take matters into your own hands.

Another thing I would like to add isn't really a rule but keep in mind when giving advice on editing software not everyone can afford expensive software so just keep that in mind.

Members behavior may be a factor in being considered for a position as admit if one is needed.
That's it have fun!


Critiques: TBA

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1. No bullying!

You already broke rule 1 of YouTube.

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