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Reader's Opinion and Ideas. (IMPORTANT) · 6:20am Dec 5th, 2014

So I've been gone for a while due to thanks giving but now I'm picking this up again and ready to write :D

I've gotten more ideas on how to enrich the story while still keeping it on track for what I have planned.

But I just want to hear EVERYPONY'S ideas first for the story, Ed's powers or relationships, future chapters like maybe a guest star or something, anything I release the next chapter (WIP)

Anything at all :3

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Thanks for the fav-o bro :)



1505455 THAT FIXES NOTHING :ajbemused:

The easiest way to fix the shiping problem is to have a harem :3

Harem fixes everything o3O


*weakly prods* y-you're grammar s-sucks. XP

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