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Welcome to Luna Needs An Icon!

What We Aim To Do

Welcome Luna lovers! We are a group that aims to get knighty to add a Luna icon! The best princess needs to have her very own pony emoji, and it's simply a disgrace that she hasn't gotten one yet! I mean, wouldn't Woona be an absolutely fabulous icon to be added?

So if you are a full blown supporter of Luna finally taking the spotlight in the comments, join now to help the night princess get her due!

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Comment posted by Golden Fang Ryu Shenron deleted Jul 17th, 2022

I thought there would be more members. I don't actually remember a Luna icon at all.:fluttercry:

Their actually used to be a luna emoji :woona: not sure what happened to it.

maybe :trollestia: banished it to the moon?

Comment posted by TheTrueDragoon deleted Jun 10th, 2015

It's not impossible, merely impossible.
Congratulations! For its freshness, this group has been awarded a listing in New Groups.

388842 As an American I am filled with disappointment that this happens here. In happier thoughts, hey Blade it's been a long little while hasn't it? Yes It's still me just with a different name and icon.

388817 Don't love them, but don't mind them. Some of them are incredibly xenophobic, ignorant people and armed to the teeth, but for the most part, they're alright. Just don't set in foot in Alabama, because this will happen:

Anyway, back to our political agenda. Luna needs an icon!



A Brit that loves America

what are you

388753 Does it surprise you I'm actually a Brit? Anyway, just a little bit of fun. :twilightsmile:


388517 This is too American it hurts


Hmm you have my support.

We grow stronger by the day!!!!

The Princess of the Night needs more than 1 icon!:moustache::moustache:

I shall support this endeavor.:ajsmug:

Tartarus yes!

Hail the one true princess of the night, may her light forever guide us all.

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